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Angela Baker DRU Yoga Teacher

DRU Yoga Teacher - Angela Baker


Angela Baker’s perspective in life and interests

I love life!

I am so grateful for the millions of blessings that have come my way and led me to where & who I am today.
My purpose in life is to get as far along the path of Self Knowledge so that I can always help any person standing in front of me to discover his or her own greatness!

Training and major influences

My first memory of yoga is from early childhood when my mum was training to be a yoga teacher. She’d take me along to her sessions and I’d sit or sleep quietly in the corner wrapped in the beautiful energy of the room.

Yoga’s always been in my life and it’s the one thing that has weathered the storms as I’ve grown up. When I found Dru (thanks again to Mum), I found the feeling that I knew so well from my early days; the feeling of hearts open and safe.

I’ve been teaching Dru since 2010 as well as working full time with Dru (the teacher training organisation) in both the UK and Australia. In my career I’ve been an environmental campaigner, educator, intrepid traveller and seeker. In all these endeavours, I’ve searched for the best tools to help people transform themselves and the world. Dru is by far the most effective and enjoyable approach I’ve experienced. I love that in just over an hour I can take students on a simple journey that leaves them feeling refreshed, relaxed, loose, uplifted and inspired and that over a short time of practice, they find their whole lives transform!

Style of teaching

I love my classes to be light hearted, fun and a little interactive. You should expect to experience, at the very least one little giggle during a class, but hopefully a magnificent feeling of expansion and joy!

You see, yoga is a way of being; it is about relationships (with ourselves as well as others), health and purpose in life. The practice of yoga influences us on 5 levels of our being and only one of these is physical. The Dru class is a fabulous template for accessing and empowering the other 4 and so transforming your entire day, week and life!

Most recent inspiring experience

I’ve just returned from India, where I spent 4 weeks in the north co-ordinating and teaching on a Bhakti retreat and 1 week in the south where I was blessed to spend personal time with 4 of Dru’s most senior tutors from the UK at an Ayurvedic and Yoga retreat (we were all being participants at this one).

I delved into two realms of the bigger picture that is yoga (Bhakti and Ayurveda) and have been totally inspired by the wholesomeness of the science of living a life full of love and wisdom!

My main take home message from my time there was:

Don’t underestimate the power of the practices that you have been taught and that you teach. When you do these practices you enter the slip stream of 1000’s of sages & seekers who have been practicing these same things for 1000’s of years before you, and found them to be effective and powerful!

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I've been doing 3 classes a week after going through the beginners course August 2017. CYS has the best variety of teachers & yoga styles anywhere - I was recently staying in Gungahlin for a month & looked to see what studios were out there.. I ended up driving across town multiple times a week to get to classes at CYS. There doesn't seem to be anywhere like it. I'm so glad I did the beginners course with CYS, not only because it was a fantastic intro to various styles & teachers who are passionate and know their stuff, but also because I lucked into finding what I consider the best studio in Canberra. And there is a beautiful spirit about the place too. I'll keep coming there as long as I'm in Canberra :)" - Jenn, May 2018