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Emily Victoria Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher - Emily Victoria


Emily Victoria’s perspective in life and interests

Curiosity, openness to new experiences, choosing love and living my truth. Being patient, kind and connecting with the inner beauty in myself and in all others. These are the perspectives which guide my approach to life. I am continually learning and relearning these as my yoga and meditation journey guides me into consciously practicing these more and more each day.

Since committing fully to my yoga journey I have experienced a deeper, more rewarding and truer life. A life not free from ups and downs but one in which I realise that these are life’s natural ebb and flow. I am passionate to share the many benefits of yoga and meditation that I have experienced with others so that we may all grow and lead happier, healthier lives together.

Training and major influences

Over the years, I tried a number of different yoga styles and through more regular practice, I began to really feel the profound effects that yoga was having on me physically, energetically and mentally. That a form of physical exercise could have such a holistic effect on me made me curious to learn more.

That is when I found my teacher, Yogi Ashokananda. I trained with him extensively in London and India in 2015 and 2016, completing 500 hours of teacher training in hatha yoga, prana kriya yoga and meditation. I am ever grateful for all that I have learned with Yogi, he is a true yoga master. I look forward to my up-coming vipassna retreat with him.

Style of teaching

Hatha yoga – I teach a traditional hatha flow style. It is a strong, energizing, holistic and supportive form of yoga, working through the entire body, cleansing and revitalising through special sequencing with a combination of subtle body exercise.

Prana kriya yoga – A series of exercises or processes in the body which combine physical movement in the body with breath work to increase vitality and health. Kriyas have been regarded among yogis to hold the key to slowing down the ageing process. They achieve this by recharging the blood with oxygen and de-carbonising it through a series of breath holds combined with movement. Prana kriya yoga works on a physical and subtle body level, helping to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centres and energy flow in the body. The style of prana kriya yoga I teach was specifically developed by my teacher and yoga master Yogi Ashokananda, who developed the practice after many years of learning and practicing kriyas with other yoga masters.

Most recent inspiring experience

I recently taught yoga to a group of 20 or so children participating in a school holiday camp arranged by the local hospital. The purpose of the camp was to bring the kids together so that they could be part of a community of other children afflicted by similar circumstances. So that they could understand that they were not alone in this and that they could share their experiences with other children their age with similar experiences.

I had a class plan full of yoga, fun and games. As the class unfolded, I was deeply touched to see the children begin to shine more and more brightly with happiness as they became more confident to try out the yoga and to participate. The class involved a lot of partnering activities and it was so moving to see how caring and considerate the children were with each other. As I watched their emotional and energetic states lift over that brief hour, I was completely inspired all over again about the transformative effects of yoga and the beauty that true connectivity brings to our lives.

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I have attended several other yoga schools but always felt uncomfortable due to being a beginner and the other yogis able to do more than me. When I found Canberra yoga space I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and beginners yoga course supported me and my emotional state at this time. I love my yoga practice and have signed up again for the beginners course. I really look forward to continuing yoga practice and personal growth. Thank you Monica and the great team at Canberra yoga space." - Rebecca – October 2016