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Niki De Domenico – Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher

Niki De Domenico - Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher


Niki De Domenico’s perspective in life and interests

“I started on a cloudy day. Dense belts, black and white shades, drifted across the sky. Some were almost low enough to touch, their atmosphere telling. There was no track: only wilderness, a tumble of creatures, plants and nothingness. I felt heavy leaves bent over me. Native grasses were tangled with weeds, which were real, accepted and which were illusory, truthless. I lost contact with time, how long had I been journeying, how long would it take, would it end. A hint of a track appeared, curved and disappeared from my perspective. I followed it. I slid. I stumbled. Loosened stones. Pounded stones. Yet I had focused, so my feet gradually grounded. Someone else was there too. My gaze rose to meet the large, brown eyes. The moment, serene connection, lingered. Time rested. What was known between the creature and me; that being and my being. Suddenly the creature lowered on its feet and streaked away. My awareness fell once again the path uncurling ahead of me. Intrigued, I followed. The trees thinned as I stepped. Breathtaking mountain ranges opened up before me. It’s a view I never ever get tried of looking at: I am home.”

I wrote this story to show my journey, which yoga is a huge part of.

I love playing and laughing—like in the car when my children and I rock out to Florence. My children keep me present every day. I am curious, so I love reading, writing, learning and growing. I find cooking joyful, sharing nutritious foods with family and friends creates those moments that make life meaningful. I am grounded by honest work in the garden, and I am pleased with the fruits of that labour (literally I have more raspberries, strawberries and blueberries than I can possibly eat!). And I love teaching, sharing a connection with another being. These are threads that create the fabric of my life. Yoga is my life; my life is yoga.

Training and major influences

I tried yoga for the first time in 2009 because I was pregnant and knew at some point I’d have to get the baby out. And yoga supported me during my second pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga was a physical practice for me then.

When I returned to yoga in 2011, yoga offered something deeper. Yoga was a tool for me to develop a relationship with myself, my breath, my anxiety, my truth. I participated in a beautifully supportive yoga community, which gave me the courage to commit to Vinyasa Flow Level 1 Teacher Training in 2014.

I trained with Heather Agnew, Yoga Trinity. Teacher training offered me the opportunity to delve deeper into yoga, and its various aspects. I was particularly captivated with diet and nutrition, which transformed my life in no small way. I found the wholeness yoga encouraged to be deeply healing. I find teachers, like Shiva Rea, Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews, Bernie Clark, inspiring but equally I find the students who show up inspiring too. My website has more of my thoughts.

Niki De Domenico’s style of teaching

I teach from my practice. My physical yoga practice is an active flow, a moving meditation. Well, at least, I thought I did. More recently, I’ve started to soften my unwavering attachment to a very physical practice.

I am exploring my yin aspects, and working hard to find balance in my yoga classes. For me, the flow, the moving meditation, has both active and restful moments. I am learning from my students, those souls who share themselves, at a yoga class.

I am becoming more observant and adaptable as my experience grows, such that I can offer the yoga that’s needed at that moment. I feel so grateful to be able to teach yoga. Every time I’m in front of a student, I am honoured. To share yoga, connection, and perhaps laughter and healing, is a blessing. Best job in the world! Much metta.

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Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

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"I've been doing 3 classes a week after going through the beginners course August 2017. CYS has the best variety of teachers & yoga styles anywhere - I was recently staying in Gungahlin for a month & looked to see what studios were out there.. I ended up driving across town multiple times a week to get to classes at CYS. There doesn't seem to be anywhere like it. I'm so glad I did the beginners course with CYS, not only because it was a fantastic intro to various styles & teachers who are passionate and know their stuff, but also because I lucked into finding what I consider the best studio in Canberra. And there is a beautiful spirit about the place too. I'll keep coming there as long as I'm in Canberra :)" - Jenn, May 2018