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Home » News » Next Restorative Yoga Course starts 24 May 2017

Next Restorative Yoga Course starts 24 May 2017

Mid-week Restorative Yoga CourseReconnect with the body’ natural reservoir to renew itself. This restorative yoga course allows you to experience the deeper and more fundamental aspects of mindfulness and yoga practise. Allowing you space to pause and pave an opportunity to come home to one’s self. Each session proposes a PAUSE in a predominantly routine-based over-stimulated reality. The opportunity to catch-up with yourself and restore your sense of self, balance and equilibrium to a more optimal level.

This practise is accessible to all levels of ability – Ideal for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Please let Monica know if you are pregnant, as modifications will need to be introduced for some poses.

While a Restorative Yoga practice is ideal for times when we feel depleted or recovering from illness, reserving one restorative practice a week is essential to re-establish self-awareness, and build up stores of energy in you that can prevent conditions of DEPLETION, and pave the way towards SUSTAINABLE HEALTH.

This practise introduces a responsive practise, incorporating elements of both Yang (a more active practise), and introducing your energy and body to a predominantly restorative practise (Yin). This allows you to experience a sense of balance – providing you tools you can use for yourself in order to be responsive to your ever changing needs – the opportunity to warm up, build internal heat, and clear energy pathways (Yang) when you feel dormant or deflated, complemented by the experience of a more receptive or restful practise that allows the body to gain energy (and tap into the body’s natural capacity to renew itself) without using energy (Yin).

The next 6-week restorative yoga course is open for enrolments and starts on Wednesday 24 May and runs till 28 June 2017.

PRICE: Early bird $99, full price $120
TIME: Wednesdays, 7:45-8:45pm
VENUE: Canberra Yoga Space, Level 1 / 13 Botany Street in Phillip, Woden ACT 2607

**Places are limited to a maximum of 18 participants, so book your place now.

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