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Pricing and Rates

Progressive Courses


Designed for beginners to yoga. This is an unlimited progressive six-week course with eight beginners classes each week. You can attend one or more classes each week for six weeks. BUY NOW


Progressive courses in Prenatal Yoga, Mums-N-Bubs (Postnatal) Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. Enrolment is now open. FIND OUT MORE

Casual Yoga Classes

Unlimited Christmas Yoga Deal

As a special gift to you, we’re offering a red hot Christmas deal of $75 UNLIMITED Yoga – enjoy 40+ classes over 4 weeks.  The offer is for the modified timetable period – Monday 18 December 2017 to Sunday 14 January 2018.

All classes are taught at an advanced beginner’s level, so are suitable for students looking to build confidence and progress further. BUY NOW


Your choice of paying WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY or EVERY 4-WEEKS by Direct Debit (Auto Pay).

NO Joining Fees, NO Admin Fees, NO Transactions Fees and NO Cancellation Fees. You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time.*

1 Class a week – Intro offer $13 a class ($13 a week) – normal price $15 a week (pay weekly, fortnightly or every 4-weeks) – BUY NOW

2 Classes a week – Intro offer $10 a class ($20 a week) – normal price $24 a week (pay weekly, fortnightly or every 4-weeks) – BUY NOW

3 Classes a week – Intro offer $8.67 a class ($26 a week) – normal price $32 a week (pay weekly, fortnightly or every 4-weeks) – BUY NOW

4+ Classes a week (including complementary Meditation course) – Intro offer $7.50 a class ($30 a week) – normal price $38 a week (pay weekly, fortnightly or every 4-weeks) – BUY NOW

Available online only – not available in studio.

10 CLASS PASS – $165

The pass expires 6 months from purchase date.** BUY NOW


One-off payment. Available for new students only as a one time only purchase. It expires 14 days from first use. BUY NOW


Pay per class. BUY NOW


One-on-one private or small group classes can also be arranged. FIND OUT MORE


Available in any amount. BUY NOW

Payments: You can pay online via our secure website with Visa or Mastercard. In the studio you can pay with cash, EFTPOS (debit card), Visa card or Mastercard. Please note that we do not accept American Express (AMEX) or Diner’s Club.

* Below is everything you need to know about direct debit options.
1. At any time, your direct debit can be upgraded to more classes a week, or downgraded to less classes a week.
2. You can suspend your direct debit at any time (if going on holidays, travelling, or unable to practice due to illness or injury) by contacting us at “classes” @ “” (remove the ” “).
3. The suspension can be for any period, so long as it is more than the minimum suspension period of 2 weeks (14 days). However direct debit cannot be suspended while classes are being made up (see condition 7 below).
4. We require at least 3 days notice to suspend your direct debit.
5. Direct debit payments are automatic each week, fortnight or 4-week period. To suspend you must contact the studio.
6. The price of your direct debit contract is set for a 12 month period from when you commence the contract. It may change after 12 months if the previous contract was at a discounted rate.
7. Make-ups are permitted if you miss a class. You can attend a make-class anytime in the two weeks after the end of the previous direct debit period. You don’t have to let us know – just turn up to the class. If you want any questions or concerns, you can contact the studio by sending an email to “classes” @ “” (remove the ” “).

** An extension to a 10 class pass may be granted where you have been unable to attend due to injury, illness or pregnancy. Requests need to be sent via our contact form or reply to the email receipt you received when you purchased your pass.

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

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Give a gift certificate – Perfect birthday present!

Give a gift certificate - Perfect birthday present!

What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I have attended several other yoga schools but always felt uncomfortable due to being a beginner and the other yogis able to do more than me. When I found Canberra yoga space I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and beginners yoga course supported me and my emotional state at this time. I love my yoga practice and have signed up again for the beginners course. I really look forward to continuing yoga practice and personal growth. Thank you Monica and the great team at Canberra yoga space." - Rebecca – October 2016