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Fiona May Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher - Fiona May


Fiona May’s perspective in life and interests

I am passionate about creating a life that allows me to grow through curiosity whilst leading a healthy lifestyle (sometimes with a few treats too). I believe we all have a choice when it comes to how we live, from the people we surround ourselves with, to the everyday decisions we make, to how we approach the challenges that life throws at us. Regardless of whether an experience is good or bad, there’s always something to learn from it and they make us who we are.

I’m extremely fortunate to be in a position where I’m able to have a flexible work/life balance. I love catching up with friends and having a good conversation over a beautiful meal. I love cooking simple, but fresh and tasty meals. Food shared amongst loved ones is one of the best ways to connect. One of my other greatest joys is travelling. My husband and I love exploring places, experiencing new cultures and foods, and connecting with the locals are a highlight.

Training and major influences

My first experience with yoga was in a gym. Back then, it was just a stretch and relaxation class but over the years, I’ve learnt it’s so much more than that. Fast forward a few years later during a personal challenging period I took up Bikram Yoga in Kingston. I think I was hooked on the sweat (crazy I know!) but when I break it down, I also enjoyed the time I was spending on improving my wellbeing and becoming more conscious of the body, breath and mind. When I started to explore other yoga studios, CYS became a new home for my practice. I loved the nurturing environment the CYS teachers created and the opportunity to explore different styles. And when Knoff Yoga Master, James Bryan, came to Canberra in 2017 to conduct a workshop I was inspired to go deeper.

In 2018, I completed the Knoff Yoga Level 3 – Foundation Teacher Training including Level 2 – Chair Yoga. I am also registered with the Knoff Yoga Association and The Yoga Alliance, USA.

Style of teaching

Yoga is about growth an change – physically, mentally and emotionally. We’re all on our own journey and I hope to provide a space that will allow students to grow with me as we learn from each other. Being on the mat is a special time – so why not spend that time to check in with yourself? It’s a chance to spend those precious minutes to reconnect with you body, breath and mind.

I never went into the Knoff Yoga Teacher Training with a view to teach but I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt. Knoff Yoga is a traditional style of Hatha Yoga, which utilises the body as a vehicle/tool to increase awareness. Each class includes meditation, breath-work, postures, relaxation and philosophy, all designed to turn the mind inwards. Through the Knoff Yoga System, students will learn a great foundation for practicing yoga in a balanced and intelligent way, noting that everyBODY is unique.

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $22

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I just want to pass on what a fantastic teacher Elena has been and I believe it is through her class that I have made the greatest gains in terms of understanding about muscular relationships. Her focus on rehab is niche and very important. My own practice has never been easier nor has it ever made such a difference in terms of overall flexibility. My thanks to Elena for a truly great Yoga Therapy class." - Alice, May 2019