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Jon Smillie Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher - Jon Smillie


Jon Smillie’s perspective in life and interests

Jon tries to live a life of balance and presence, and the inspiration and practice that is the 5000 year-old tradition of Yoga is a cornerstone for this. He feels lucky to be in a position to carry this tradition forward and share it with others, especially given how much he always learns in return.

Training and major influences

His training and core practice is in Vinyasa Flow, however he practices with Iyengar teachers on a regular basis, and will take an Ashtanga class whenever he can get it! He’s interested in all of the faces of Yoga today, but is aware that we are all part of traditions that are timeless.

Style of teaching

Jon is inspired by Patanjali’s formulation of Yoga as a vehicle for stilling the mind, and bringing us to a place where we can experience life. As a teacher his goal is to create a space where fellow Yogis can explore, experiment, and enjoy all these dimensions, but the eventual destination is theirs. He offers students a challenge where he can, but always leaves a place to stop on the way.

Most recent inspiring experience

My regular Iyengar teacher practiced with and was trained by B.K.S. Iyengar himself on a regular basis over many years, and I recently learned he was actually with Guruji around the time of his death in 2014. It’s been a privilege to practice personally with someone who was so close to such an inspirational figure.

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

Beginners Yoga Canberra Deal

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $20

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I've been doing 3 classes a week after going through the beginners course August 2017. CYS has the best variety of teachers & yoga styles anywhere - I was recently staying in Gungahlin for a month & looked to see what studios were out there.. I ended up driving across town multiple times a week to get to classes at CYS. There doesn't seem to be anywhere like it. I'm so glad I did the beginners course with CYS, not only because it was a fantastic intro to various styles & teachers who are passionate and know their stuff, but also because I lucked into finding what I consider the best studio in Canberra. And there is a beautiful spirit about the place too. I'll keep coming there as long as I'm in Canberra :)" - Jenn, May 2018