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Lorelle Bunyan – Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher - Lorelle Bunyan


Lorelle Bunyan’s perspective in life and interests

Lorelle was a late bloomer in Yoga and Fitness, only seriously becoming involved in both in the last eight years. These days, yoga and fitness dominate her out-of-office hours, as she spends more and more time at the yoga studio and gym.

Over the last 8 years, as well as teaching Yoga, she has taught freestyle classes, circuit classes, aqua aerobics, and two Les Mills disciplines – CX Worx and Body Balance.

Animals are a big part of her life. She owned horses for many years, and dogs and cats have always formed part of her family. Travel relaxes her and always broadens her perspective on life.

Training and major influences

Prior to becoming a Les Mills Body Balance instructor in 2011, Lorelle practised yoga for around 25 years. She later discovered YogaFit, a hatha style founded in yoga, grounded in fitness, that aims to make yoga accessible to the gym population.

As well as the base YogaFit modules, she has completed the YogaFit for Warriors (Trauma-Sensitive yoga) 150 hour training programme, and YogaFit for Seniors and Children.   Her Vinyasa Flow Teacher training (285 hours) was completed with Yoga Trinity.  Lorelle’s passion is Yin Yoga and she is heavily influenced and inspired by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. She completed level 1 and level 2 Yin Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training with Sarah Owen,  an Insight Yoga Teacher endorsed by Sarah Power’s Insight Yoga Institute. Lorelle  has also completed  teacher training in Yin Meridian Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Yoga taught by Jo Phee, one of Paul Grilley’s senior teachers.

Yoga has aided Lorelle with her own recovery from depression and physical injury. She enjoys sharing yoga with others so they too may find their own path to health and inner peace.

Style of teaching

Lorelle’s passion is Yin Yoga, with a focus on self acceptance and befriending who we are as the basis of our practice.  Lorelle encourages students to find their appropriate edge in a pose and to find a holding space to physically and mentally rest.

Lorelle teaches Vinyasa Hatha with a focus on conscious breathing as the way to connect the body and the mind. The language she uses in class is inclusive, action-orientated and positive. Students are reminded to “check-in” with their bodies throughout each class, to be present and to find their place in each pose at that moment.

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $22

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I just want to pass on what a fantastic teacher Elena has been and I believe it is through her class that I have made the greatest gains in terms of understanding about muscular relationships. Her focus on rehab is niche and very important. My own practice has never been easier nor has it ever made such a difference in terms of overall flexibility. My thanks to Elena for a truly great Yoga Therapy class." - Alice, May 2019