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Suzanna Thell – DRU Yoga Teacher

Suzanna Thell - DRU Yoga Teacher

Suzanna Thell’s perspective in life and interests

Suzanna Thell is a mother, early childhood educator and Dru yoga teacher passionate about sowing seeds through working with the body and soul, opening hearts to the light and inspiring people to grow to their fullest potential. In 2005 she founded the ‘Yoga Garden’, bringing together her two passions—kids and yoga.

Outside of yoga she enjoys gardening. Her motto is to be in the moment, to be positive and to honour what lies in front of you with an open loving heart.

Training and major influences

Suzanna has trained with outstanding world class teachers and mentors, graduating with a diploma of Dru Yoga. She has since trained in teaching yoga to children—the Radiant Child, Mini Yogis and Rainbow Kids teacher training courses. She co-teaches the Dru Kids and Teens course to Dru trainees and graduates.

Suzanna Thell’s style of teaching

Her style of teaching is heart-based, fun and creative. Whether working with adults or children she helps people make moments of connection and to find points of stillness in themselves. Her aim is for children and adults to leave her class feeling relaxed, energised, balanced, centred, happy and in harmony with themselves and life.

Recent inspiring experience

I completed writing the course manual for the Dru Yoga Kids and Teens teacher training course, drawing on my experiences of teaching yoga to children over the past 10 years. It’s very exciting to be sharing with others how to take yoga out to the younger generation, to the children who are our future leaders. Imagine a world where yoga is a normal part of life— where children grow up believing in themselves, reaching their highest potential and feeling confident to share the light and love of their true nature. Imagine a world where everyone helps each other to be the best they can and where there is unity and harmony. This is my dream.

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Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $22

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What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I just want to pass on what a fantastic teacher Elena has been and I believe it is through her class that I have made the greatest gains in terms of understanding about muscular relationships. Her focus on rehab is niche and very important. My own practice has never been easier nor has it ever made such a difference in terms of overall flexibility. My thanks to Elena for a truly great Yoga Therapy class." - Alice, May 2019