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Home » News » 50-hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen Jan 2019

50-hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen Jan 2019

50 Hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen - January 2019

Immerse yourself deeply in the practice of Yin Yoga during this 50 hour yin yoga and mindfulness teacher training (non-residential) with Sarah Owen. Yin Yoga uses restorative, floor-based poses to nourish and stimulate the deeper energetic channels in the body, providing support for the immune system. Yin Yoga also provides the perfect container to develop deeper levels of self-inquiry and to cultivate the capacity for meditative self-awareness.

During this 50-hour training designed for Yoga Teachers, Sarah Owen will give you the tools to take your practice to a deeper level. You will come away with a clear understanding of safety and anatomical issues pertaining to the Yin Yoga practice, as well as having the ability to creatively sequence yin yoga classes for all levels of students. This training is also designed to deepen your own personal practice of yoga and meditation by incorporating elements of meditation and self-inquiry into your daily yoga practice. The most effective yoga teaching comes from your own personal immersion and deepened personal experience of these ancient methods and teachings.

Deepen your knowledge of the more inward-drawn yoga practices (including pranayama and meditation) and immerse yourself in a personal discovery of the more quiet inner realms. Mindfulness meditation will be explored as an ‘inner method’ during the Yin Yoga poses as well as a seated meditation practice (including the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness).

When: Sunday 6 January to Friday 11 January 2019 from 8:30am-4:30pm.
Where: Canberra Yoga Space, Level 1 / 13 Botany Street, Phillip ACT 2606.
Cost: Early bird of $1300 for full payments before 14 December 2018. Payment of $1450 from 15 December 2018. A payment plan option is available – you can select this option during online sign-up.

50 Hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen - January 2019

The 50 hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training Course Curriculum will include the following:

  • Anatomy and Physiology specific to Yin Yoga
  • Modifications and Safety in Yin Yoga, including the use of props
  • Anatomy of the Subtle Body (meridians and chakras)
  • Mindfulness in Yin Yoga (including two specific methods of meditation – Shamatha and Vipassana)
  • Applications of mindfulness in daily life
  • Sequencing in Yin Yoga (including seasonal sequences)
  • Organs and Meridian Health (using yin yoga to affect specific organs)
  • Yin and Yang Theory (basic Taoist theory and the principles of yin and yang – how they are applied to yoga)
  • Yin Yoga and Meditation as referenced in the ancient scriptures (Hatha Yoga Pradipika/Yoga Sutras, Satipattana Sutta, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) for health, relaxation and awaking the energy body
  • Meditation and journaling to deepen the yoga experience

* Whilst this training is designed specifically for qualified Yoga Teachers wishing to teach Yin Yoga classes, this training is also open to dedicated practitioners of yoga, with the intention to use the knowledge to deepen one’s own understanding and practice. To be a certified teacher of Yin Yoga, you must have successfully completed a 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification previously.


“The training was everything I was looking for and Sarah delivered it beautifully, balancing each day with a mixture of practice and theory. Sarah’s training gave me a greater understanding of anatomy and our skeletal limitations, the ability to sequence based around meridians and individual needs, and new meditation methods to use during my own practice. Thank you Sarah for your experience and wisdom.” NM

“Sarah is a wonderful teacher, who offers insights and practical knowledge. She is very caring and inclusive in her teachings and encourages you to ask questions, share experiences and bring your whole self to the lessons. I loved every moment of our classes and have integrated my learnings from Sarah and this teacher training into my way of life. Thank you Sarah.” SM

“The Yin Yoga Teacher training with Sarah Owen has transformed the way I teach both Yin and my regular Hatha classes. I feel as though my practice and the way I teach now contains a richer mix of the eight limbs of Yoga. What I enjoyed most from the training was the teachings of the ‘inner methods’ of Yoga. Sarah provided us with a diverse variety of pranayama, concentration, and meditation techniques that can be used once you have set students up in the pose. These practices help to take the students beyond the physical body, so that they can experience the greater benefits – the system of self-transformation – that is Yoga.” AK

About Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen is the leading Yin Yoga teacher in Australia. Sarah was one of the first teachers to introduce Yin Yoga to the Australian audience. She is the only Insight Yoga teacher in Australia, endorsed by Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute (USA). She has been mentored by Sarah Powers (founder and author of Insight Yoga) for almost a decade and is the coordinator for Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute programs in Australia.

Sarah teaches regular workshops and classes at various Sydney yoga studios, as well as offering Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Trainings each year for yoga teachers and interested students. Her popular teacher training courses are highly-acclaimed due to her depth of knowledge, her experienced understanding of the material, and her personable delivery of the course with more than a decade of teaching experience.

50 Hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen - January 2019

Please note that all payments are non-refundable. You must let us know at least 48 hours before any workshop or event takes place if you will not be able to attend and want to keep payment as credit at the studio. Credit notes can be used for future workshops, courses or classes.

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