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Home » News » Kids Yoga Holiday Classes – January 2017

Kids Yoga Holiday Classes – January 2017

Kids Yoga Holiday Classes - Yoga for Children January 2017

Becoming a child with children
sharing the wonder sharing imagination
being a child makes you complete.

Join us on a journey through the forest, to sea and beyond. What creatures will we discover? Who will you be? What magic can we share?

Our kids yoga holiday classes with Niki De Domenico, offer a safe, non-competitive space for children to have fun, foster self-awareness and creativity while calming the mind and moving the body in a healthy way.

Through games and songs, our classes move through warm-ups to various yoga poses before a moment of rest to explore a visualisation. After yoga we create art about our yoga experience, for example, if we meet a fairy in the forest we make a felt fairy to take home (to remember our journey!).

‘Yoga is a movement of peace. I like doing yoga and you can do any animal you like at the end.’ – Sol, age 5

‘My favourite is being a mermaid in the sea. You have to be quiet, and I feel my heart.’ – Eva, age 3


Ages 3 to 6
Fridays 6, 13, 20 & 27 January 2017 10:00am-11:00am

Cost: $20 per session, which includes all art materials.

☆ Click here to Enrol – 6 January 2017

☆ Click here to Enrol – 13 January 2017

☆ Click here to Enrol – 20 January 2017

☆ Click here to Enrol – 27 January 2017


Can I attend with my child?

Parents are welcome to participate in the session for 3-6 year olds. Please note, when picking up your child at the end of the session – kindly remain outside the room on arrival as the finishing practise may be quiet relaxation and keeping the space quiet supports your child to get the most out of the session.

My child has mobility restrictions or complex needs. Is this appropriate for him/ her?

Please advise us of your child’s full name and specific requirements (including any injuries, mobility or health issues) via our contact form.

What does my child need to bring?

We recommend comfortable clothing. Practise is done bare-foot. There is a small locker room towards the rear of the room where your child can store his/ her personal items. A bottle of water for after the session is recommended.

Are classes linked or progressive as a series?

You can drop in to any or all of the sessions appropriate for your child’s age. Each class has it’s own unique theme, each with a different art project and they don’t build on the last session.

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