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May 2020 Newsletter

Attention energises. Intention transforms.
Brought together in Action, Magic is created for us all.

Here we are, nearly half way through the year and all of us having a year we never could have dreamed of. I know that this time has been hard and many have suffered but can we bring our attention to the good things this time has afforded us. I know for myself it has been a time of clearing, cleaning, rediscovering and reusing. I have literally being opening old boxes that have been closed for a decade. Finding my old treasures and finding new use for them. Having an idea of how to reorganise my spaces both at home and in the studio, and materialising these ideas, seeing them through and having the joy to see them finished.

All this extra time at home has allowed me the opportunity to get those things I have put off for years done or almost finished and I feel that now my home space is clearer, my mind is clearer, my vision is more focused and I can apply myself fully into rebuilding CYS and creating the broader vision I had when I took on the studio 18 months ago. I feel like this time has allowed me to clear my physical space and also my mental space. In not running around and doing less I have found myself achieving more. Have you found this too?

For those of you who have been struggling at this time my heart goes out to you. I hope you are receiving the support you need and hope that if there was anything CYS could do to help you please reach out to me.

Has the garden of your mind had a makeover? Has this time of online classes helped you establish a home practice you can stick with? How has this time opened you up to new possibilities and ways of doing things?  Has this time helped to cultivate and enhance your internal compass and your ability to do things for yourself, without the need to look to someone else for your happiness and reassurance? If not, then why not?

Yoga teaches us all this and more. Yoga teaches us to look within and find that we have all we need, that less is more and that our body is a place of infinite joy, wonder and possibility if we would only take the time to listen. Yoga teaches us that beneath the surface we are all the same, epically magical, wonderous and vulnerable. That within each and every one of us there is a universe so complex and infinite, yet we are so tiny and insignificant in the grandness of the all that is.

This time of Covid-19 has brought up so much for us all, we have all been effected, challenged and changed in so many ways. But what I have overwhelming heard and experienced myself has been positive, innovative and inspiring. Let the world be changed for the better. Let your thoughts and actions cultivate this belief. We each have the power and ability to make this fact, history and our reality.

What's happening at CYS?
Even in the midst of all this craziness great things are happening at CYS. 

I am very happy to announce that our new website is taking shape and I hope to have it launched by the end of the month. I have been working with a couple of wonderful people to create a site that is easy to use, informative and beautiful. I have decided to keep the online classes even after we go back to face to face and have almost finished setting up the On Demand classes for you to access anywhere, any time. I still need to learn how to edit the videos, but I will get that happening and hope to have some classes up by the end of next week. I have some ebooks on the go and I am inspired to create some online courses and workshops. There will even be free meditation downloads from our Friday night practices. The possibilities are endless.

We will hopefully be able to go back to face to face classes in the next few weeks, all be it to limited numbers. Some classes will likely remain online only for a while longer while others will be a combination of both. Details will be sent out as they unfold, so please read my emails when they arrive in your inbox.

I would like to thank those students who have stayed practicing with us online and supporting the studio and teachers. You have kept us going, inspired us to teach and kept our community together. Whilst the rebuilding may be slow, your support has been invaluable, thank you.

Our wonderful team of teachers have also been amazing, they have all jumped in and are doing an amazing job with online teaching and supporting their students and the studio. Many have donated their time and energy to teaching in support of our space and I am so grateful to all of them all for their hard work and dedication.

I am overwhelmed by the love and support that has been shown by our community. I feel I have been guided and helped every step of the way and am so grateful for all I have learnt, witnessed and received. Sometimes I feel the pressure of my responsibilities, sometimes I feel I do not do enough to live up to those responsibilities and serve them well and sometimes I feel I meet them head on and successfully.

What I do know is that all we can do is our best in any given moment and what will be will be.

Be well, stay safe

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3 Tips…

3 tips to improve your wellness while working in a sedentary job

Sitting at a desk all day, staring at a screen and spending your time sorting things out, your body feeling unhappy, sore, tight, achy, your mind feeling tired and cloudy, especially in the afternoon and no doubt stress and pressure are regularly present states of being.

Sounds familiar? Did you know that stress and a sedentary lifestyle are one of the major contributing factors to a decline in health and all major decease in the modern world.

Good news though, the practices of Yoga can Help!

So many people have the impression that yoga is for the flexible and the skinny. Not so, yoga is for everyone. Fitness level, flexibility level, strength level are not obstacles. Yoga meets you where you are at and there is a practice and a variation to suit everyone. Many of the practices in yoga have been shown to improve health and a sense of wellbeing across numerous populations.

One of the main focuses in yoga is breathing. When we take time to bring our attention to the breath we can create a sense of calm and clarity. We can refresh the body and mind, settle the nervous system and generally improve the way we feel. When we combine movement and breath together we create the magic that is Yoga.

We all know that movement makes us feel better and stretching feels so wonderful, especially when you have been stuck behind a deck all day. In my world, movement is medicine and there is nothing better than being present in my body with a bit of hard work, a little sweat and a good stretch.

Going to a yoga class can be great, especially when you find the right class for you. You like the style, the pace of the practice and the teacher. If you can get there once or twice a week, brilliant! But it’s not always possible and navigating a studio or class at the gym can be hard or feel intimidating at first. Luckily I have 3 practical and easy tips for you to get started on your own and at your desk.

Tip 1: Breathing

Breathing is super important, we need it to live, but how often do you tune in and really feel and notice how you are breathing? How we breath effects our mood, changes our blood chemistry and can tell us lots about what’s going on in the body. When we are nervous or stressed our breathing becomes quick and erratic. When we are calm and relaxed our breathing is calm, smooth and steady. By simply taking some time to be quiet, still and watch our breath we can relieve stress, find clarity and recharge our energy.

Following is a simple breath awareness meditation to help you begin to tune into your breath, notice how you are feeling and send a wave of calm through your body.

Sit comfortably in your chair. If you can, take your shoes off and rest your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands in your lap. Close your eyes and begin to listen in to your breath. No need to change your breath, just watch and notice how you feel, what is happening for you right now? As much as is comfortable breath in and out through your nose, if you need exhale through your mouth.

When you are ready, count your inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4, count your exhale. Do they match? Keep breathing and with each breath you take, breathe in comfortably and slow your exhalation to be longer than your inhalation. You can count the breath, inhale 1, 2, 3, 4, exhale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. You can alter the count to be comfortable for you so long as your exhale is longer than your inhale.

Take 10 breaths in this way then come back to comfortable, normal breathing. Notice how you feel. When you’re ready, open your eyes and continue your day.

You can use this breath technique at any time. You can even use it in a meeting or when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, just keep your eyes open and count your breaths whilst staying present in the moment. You may find that you are able to handle the situation with more ease. It is particularly helpful when the heart is racing and a sense of overwhelm is present.

Tip 3: Drink Water and recite a Mantra.

In Yoga we use mantras to help invoke a sense of being or to manifest and cultivate a certain aspect of self. Much in the way one would use a positive affirmation. Often we have intention to recite these affirmations or mantras each day to help nurture these qualities within ourselves. But how often do we forget to do it?

Do you drink enough water during the day? One of the best ways to stay healthy, hydrated and mentally active is to make sure you drink enough water each day.

One way I have found, to not only nourish my body with the water it needs but also to nourish my soul, is to combine the two together. When you take a drink of water you can recite your mantra or affirmation in your mind. This will not only make you more mindful when drinking but also give you plenty of opportunities to tune into your body, mind and being. Let your water drinking be a mindful and considered process. Feel the water as it travels down your throat and moves into every part of your body. Let this be a few special seconds just for yourself. At the same time reciting your mantra or affirmation, that way you are reminding yourself of those ideas, positive self-talk, strength and drawing that energy into your life.

Following are a few mantras that might help get you thinking.

You might be something like:

  • I am a strong, capable and able.
  • My kindness is my strength.
  • I am efficient and thorough.

Sometimes all we need, and this is one of my favourites: LET GO!

  • I have all I need within me.
  • I am powerful.

You might come up with many of your own and they may change depending on your circumstances. Just let them be positive and “as if now,” see and feel yourself embodying the qualities of your mantra.

Tip 2: Spinal Movement.

Sitting at a desk all day, staring at a screen, holding a phone to your ear are all not things your body is built for. You might find your neck and shoulders getting sore and achy. Lower back niggles and maybe even sore hips. No doubt when these things hit you hope up and go for a bit of a walk and move around if you can.

Following is a simple sequence you can do at your desk to ease out some of this tension.

Sit towards the edge of your chair. Feet flat on the floor, if you can take your shoes off. The physical practice of yoga has us use breath and movement together. So tune into your breath, just like you did in Tip 1. Then we can add movement. Inhale lift your chin, exhale bring chin to chest, do this 3 times. Inhale come back to the centre after the third set. Exhale, drop your ear to one shoulder, inhale back to centre, exhale to the other side. Do this for 3 sets inhale to come back to centre. Exhale turn and look over one shoulder, inhale to centre, exhale to the other shoulder, do this 3 times either side. Tip your head over to one shoulder and drop your chin towards your chest on an angle. You should feel some sensation on the back corner of your neck. Keep your head on this angle and inhale lift your chin up towards the ceiling, open the front corner of you throat. Exhale chin towards the chest again and repeat 3 times on one side, then switch and repeat 3 times on the other side. To finish bring chin to chest in the centre, lift your chin to the ceiling and then return to the centre, neutral spin. Take some time to notice how you feel. You can do this in your spin as well, twisting either side, moving with your breath, bending side to side and then opening and closing the chest. Just move and breath together. When you are done take a few breaths to just sit still and rest and let that settle in your body, notice how you feel.

These three tips are all pretty easy to do and easy to weave into your day. You will be amazed at how quickly they become a part of your day you look forward to. Your will see the benefits weave into all aspects of your life, as your mood, the care and relationship you have with your own body and your productivity all improve.

You can add to this with regular daily exercise, a yoga practice and healthy eating regime. Remember your body and mind are one, nourish your body, nourish your mind. Speak kindly to yourself, don’t justify poor decisions and laziness. Treat yourself as a god/goddess and others will see you as such. Remind yourself every day how wonderful you are, how complex and infinite your body/mind is. Let go of drama and negativity, they do not serve you anything useful,  they just serve to bring you down, clutter your mind, pollute your body and breed negativity and sickness.

Step into your power, step into your greatness and be all you want to be!


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April 2020 Newsletter

We are online and it works!

I hope you are doing well during this crazy time and at the very least enjoying what extra time you have at home with your family.

Thank you for all the wonderful support that so many of you have sent in. It has given me much strength and drive to be able to work quickly to keep our community together and practicing. I am so grateful for all your kind words and generosity. We have had some technical issues which are being resolved, thank you for your patience as we work through them.

The last few weeks have been very stressful for us all and the pressures on families and the community has been immense. So many people have been thrown into upheaval, lost jobs and security, become unwell and in general we have all been thrown into a constant state of flux and unknowing.

Hopefully this time has however, given us a bit of extra time to reflect and put into perspective our lives and relationships, given us a deeper sense of connection to all of humanity and perhaps opened up a bit of time to do those things we have been putting off for years, perhaps some study, or cleaning things out around the house or maybe getting creative and making some art or building something. Hopefully you have found space for something to nourish your soul.

I have been using my time to get our entire timetable up and running with online LIVE streamed classes. If you have not yet tried them, I suggest you do. The teachers have been wonderful in learning how to use the system and adapting to this new and strange teaching style. I have actually really been enjoying it and feel it is a great alternative to not having any classes at all or just doing a class to a video. I do miss seeing all your lovely faces though. Whilst the system is not perfect it is serving us well.

If you want to sign up for the $25/week unlimited online class subscription you can click here.

If you have NOT YET emailed me about your direct debit please do so IMMEDIATELY!

Your direct debit has not been automatically suspended as we are able to provide you with the online alternative. So if you would like your direct debit suspend and/or converted to our $25/week unlimited online class subscription please send me an email here with your wishes so I can process it.

Please note our refund policy. There are no refunds, credits can be used with the online classes at your direct debit rate unless you contact me to convert your pass. This is in accordance with our original refund policy before CV19 came about. Please feel free to check your original email receipts. Should you have a 10 or 5 class pass, I am happy to extend them when we come back to face to face classes for the length of time we have been away.

For our Beginner Students we will not be running another Beginners Course at this time but we did not want to leave you without any options or classes. So there will be Beginner Level open classes on the timetable in most of the beginners class time slots so you can keep learning and growing in your practice. These classes will not follow the structure that our course does but will be more freestyle for teachers to be able to impart their wisdom differently with each class. You will not receive the weekly emails of encouragement. If you have already purchased your beginners pass for next round you can continue to use this until it expires at the end of that course period. You are also welcome to attend any other classes and see how you go. As always, listen to your body and take care so as to avoid injury.

If you want to sign up for the $25/week unlimited online class subscription you can click here.

It is important to mention with with this teaching style comes certain down sides. The most important is that we can now no longer see you as we teach and thus are unable to give you the level or care in terms of safety we normally would. Whilst we are doing all we can with cues, alternatives and safe sequencing there is still the need for students to understand that they are taking responsibility for themselves as they practice. So please look after yourself. Work in a way that feels safe and comfortable, do not push yourself or work in a space of pain. This comes back to the principle of Ahimsa, Non Harming, we teach with this ethos, we practice with this ethos and thus we can stay safe while we nourish ourself.

We have set up private Facebook groups for all of the teachers so you will be able to get into the group and contact your teacher, ask questions and stay up to date with your classes and connect with your teacher before class. Go to the Canberra Yoga Space Facebook page, Like us and then go to groups, look for your teacher and join the group. All up to date info will go up first on Facebook and Instragm so please check there if you need. For any technical issues feel free to send me an email.
MindBody Online, our booking platform, is developing a video library where I will be able to upload our recorded classes, so stay tuned for that. I will let you know when I have it up and running.

If you want to sign up for the $25/week unlimited online class subscription you can click here.

Thank you again for all your support, kindness and patience. We will get through this time of challenge and change and hopefully we will be better for it. Enjoy your classes online, stay practicing and take time for rest if you can.

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Unlimited Online Subscription Available



Sadly, due to the current situation, CYS, like many other business, has had to close the doors to our physical space and place a hold on face to face classes.

This does not mean that you will go without your classes.

We are now streaming all classes LIVE online.

I have been working hard for the last week to try to make this transition quick, smooth and as easy as possible. When you log into our timetable you will now see our Online Timetable on your MindBodyApp. The new timetable reflects our old timetable but now comes to you at home. When you book into a class you should receive an email receipt with the instructions to get into that streaming class.

Simply log into MindBody, go to Classes. find your class and Sign Up.

We have 2 great options for you.
Single class streams only $8.50 or
$25/week unlimited online subscription.


We want to keep you practicing and connecting not just for your physical health but for your mental health as well. These are tough times and caring for ourselves is paramount.

We are using Zoom so in readiness you might download the free app and create an account, This will save you some time and give you chance to work out how to use it. We are streaming in Webinar mode so you will be able to see and hear the teacher but they won't be able to hear or see you. Other students will also not see you so its private and secure.
You can send your teacher a wave to let them know you are there and type into the chat also. Feel free to greet others on the chat and connect. Let's keep our community connected.

  • Please log into you profile and check that your "Email" notifications are turned ON otherwise you will not receive the login details for the stream. 

We are all potentially going to begin to feel isolated over these next few month so its important we stay connect and keep moving. As you all know yoga is like glue that keeps us together and feeling whole. So with this extra time on our hands, less rushing about, less driving etc we can spend more time nourishing our soul and connecting with our family and friends in different ways.

Myself and the teaching team are here to support you, we want to stay connected with our students and share yoga as widely as we can. We know the world needs it now more than ever. I will be creating private Facebook groups for the classes so you can ask questions and stay connected with your teachers.

Please be patient while we set things up and roll out the kinks. None of us have taught in this way we are all still learning. I have somehow managed to work out the technology to make this happen, link everything up and have it working but there still may be some hold ups and technical frustrations. Stay calm, relax, all is coming.

This crisis is the great equaliser, never before has the modern world felt a suffering together like this, no one is immune, no one will be untouched, everyone is feeling the distress of uncertainty and sadness. In this, I feel, we will gain a greater sense of compassion for our fellow humans. This can be humility at its finest. It is my aim, that through this online platform we encourage more people to the practices of yoga, to help enliven and enhance this sense of compassion across the globe. When we come out on the other side humanity will be changed for the better, so that we realise our sameness and discard our differences. We will all be left with a share sense of loss, with an understanding that we have all felt the same way. We are on the edge of change, let's make it for the better, let's not let the loss of lives be for nothing, let us evolve and wake up.

I look forward to seeing you on the web, and meeting new challenges, facing the sadness and finding the truth in it all.


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COVID19 Precautions

If you feel unwell please DO NOT attend class.

Contact your doctor and self isolate.

If you are attending classes.

Students attending classes at CYS are advised to:

  • wash your hand before and after class. Hand sanitiser is available
  • bring your own mat and a towel to place over bolsters, blankets and other props
  • clean all shared equipment before and after with the wash provided

What we do to minimise risk of Covid-19 at CYS

As you will know Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. I have been asked what we are doing to minimise risk at the studio.

I feel it is important not to over react and become alarmist about this health issue but it is important to acknowledge that this virus can have minimal symptoms for many people but spreads very easily. This post will cover a few points that I hope will help to minimise our risk, help reduce the spread of this virus and keep those vulnerable in our community safer.

This a great time to invest in your own mat. We strongly advise this.

We do still have mats that are shared with other students. If you use one, you must clean it before and after use with the spray provided. You must also wipe blocks and other props down before and after use.

Please bring a towel to put to provide another barrier of protection between you and shared props.

Please use a tissue over your eye pillow to protect your eyes, this is good general practice for the eye pillows anyway.

I am not a fan of hand sanitiser as it actually increases your risk of bacterial infection and the generation of super bugs, but I have opted to provide it at the studio at this time should you choose to use it. I have only been able to get a small bottle so please use spearingly. If anyone has extra at home and would like to donate it to the studio it would be much apporicated.

Please use best practice as advised by the world health organisation, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after class, avoid touching your face and please stay home if you feel you may have come in contact with the virus or exhibit and flu like symptoms.

We are exploring all avenues available to keep classes going during this time.

Together as a community we can help stop the spread.
Many Thanks and wishing you all the best.

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March 2020 Newsletter

Goodbye Summer!


And welcome Autumn, the time of shedding and decay. What a wonderful time to be able to reflect and let go.

I often think about what it means to “let go” In our practice there are so many ways and opportunities let go and surrender. Finding a shape, being active where we need for stability and then allowing the rest of the body to soften as we dive into the comfort of the shape. This plays out again and again on the mat, but how easy is it to translate that to life?

So often we feel the need to hold on, gasp and strive, to fight and win, to feel “we must” or that’s how “I” am. Sometimes it’s necessary, stand up, be heard, make our point and hold to our belief. But when do we then surrender and allow? How easy is it to step back and just let things go, especially in the face of someone else’s strong position, or a situation we have no control over? There is also the times when we are too frightened to let go for fear of the unknown states. What would life be like if I didn’t do… or it I didn't have...

I often find in these times when we are met with strong beliefs it’s the best time to step back, observe and just let flow, there is great learning to be had when met with someone else’s strong need to be heard and assert themselves. There is great strength in being vulnerable, of stepping out of ones comfort zones and taking a chance.

On the other hand, when does letting go become apathy? I feel there is a fine line between surrender and apathy. Surrender is a conscious choice to allow and let flow. Apathy is giving up, without care or bother or the feeling of it being all too hard. I feel the two states have very different energetic qualities. On the mat it’s easier to tell the difference. It’s all in the posture, the strength and softness where there is active surrender. Or the laxity of going through the motions and staying in the comfort zone when apathy is at play. But in life the difference can be more subtle and giving away our power seems easier and less obvious. Often seceding to keep the peace or please another, in time realising that we have given everything away and are left empty, void and powerless. There is no real answer all we can do is be conscious of the unfolding, conscious of our choices and states of being and conscious of our movement, words and actions through life, the rest will unfold.

“There is strength in surrender and that comes from the power to choose.”

Delve into Pranayama

This month we have the wonderful collaborative offering of Jacqui and Jill with Delve into Pranayama. This will be a wonderful exploration of the breath and pranayama techniques. Breathing is the corner stone of life and a huge focus of Asana practice, Pranayama is the breathing practices and studied in their own right. This will be a great experience for all our students so if you are struggling with how to breath in practice, or have any issues with breathing then you may find that the practices shared can help you unpack what is happening and improve your connection with the breath. We have about 10 spots left so book you place here.

Sunday Sounds


Our first Sunday Sounds Sound Bath is coming up at the end of the month on the 29th March 2020.

I am super excited and passionate about my singing bowls and playing them for you. For those of you who have been to meditation on Friday night you will know what I am talking about, but if you have not experienced the bowls fully and are looking to deepen your meditation practice come along and see what can happen. Allow yourself to be immersed in the vibration of the chakra sounds, get lost in the stillness of body and mind and allow for no time, no space, no thought, just awareness. Book you spot here.

Easter Timetable

Easter is fast approaching and no doubt everyone will be itching to get away and enjoy a few days off and maybe head to the coast. Many classes will still be on but there are a few cancelations so please check the timetable below and online.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat and maybe sharing in a few Easter eggs ;).

Friday 10th Good Friday
6:15 - 7:30am Iyengar - Jacqui
12:- 1:15pm Beginners - TL
5:15 - 6:15pm Yogalates - TL
Meditation - Cancelled.

Saturday 11th
7:00 - 8:15am - Sivananda - Cancelled
8:30 - 9:45am - Yoga Synergy - Anna
1:00 - 2:00pm Yin/Yang - Eli
2:30 - 3:45pm - Beginners - Eli
4:00 - 5:15pm - Dynamic Hatha - Gail
5:30 - 6:30pm - Yin - Cancelled

Sunday 12th Easter Sunday
8:15 - 9:30am - Beginners - Fiona
9:45 – 11:00am - Hatha - Fiona
3:00 - 4:15pm - Restorative - Anna
4:45 - 6:00pm  – Ashtanga Blend - Gail

Monday 13th Easter Monday
6:15- 7:30am - Beginners - Eli
12:15 - 1:15pm - Weekend recovery - TL
5:45 - 6:45pm - Yoga for the seasons – Eli

A night of Kirtan with Kirtanarama

Kirtanarama are back for A Night of Kirtan Anzac Day long weekend.

Come and join us for some fun and chanting, letting go and allowing your spirits to be lifted. Kirtan is another way in which we can tap into our spiritual side, our sense of devotion and our inner self. If you have never been to a Kirtan before you might come and experience what it has to offer.
Tickets are on sale here, via our FB event page or click on the moving banner on the website.

Kids are welcome for free.


Thai Yoga Massage @ CYS

Thai Yoga massage is available at Canberra Yoga Space.

As you may know Tl, Elena and myself all did our training in Thai Yoga massage last year. We are all set and ready to offer you this beautiful massage. Thai yoga massage is done with cloths on, on oils or lotions and it highly relaxing a therapeutic. We are also able to offer pregnancy and post/natal massage. Session are available at the studio or privately through the teachers so please feel free to contact us separately or through the studio. Feel free to organise with a friend and come together as well.
90 minute massage $150 per person.
To book please email me:

Katie’s workshops

This is way in advance but I know who many of you like to get in early for her workshops. Katie has Sweet Surrender and Myths, Meditation and Relaxations Volume 2 coming our way In July and September. They are both up on our website and available to book into. Get in early as they fill up well in advance. Click the names above to book your place.

More details are on the booking page or our FB events pages and will be in Newsletters to come.

Don’t forget if you have any insights you would like to share with our community please let me know, I am happy to add them to these newsletters. You never know when you might have something to say that can help someone else.

Wishing you all the very best and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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February 2020 Newsletter

Wow! What a start to the year.

I can’t help but feel there is a sense of fatigue in the air with the long continuation of the fire season and how close they are to us this last few weeks. Not to mention the hail and heavy rains. For those of you directly affected by the fires my heart goes out to you and on behalf of your CYS community may the rebuilding of your life be swift and smooth.

This rain is welcome and no doubt giving everyone a sigh of relief. Hopefully it brings an end to the fires and a blooming of green again to our lands. May this cooler weather give us hope that things will soon turn around, that new beginnings will unfold and with such the rebuilding of life, the bush and the collective energy.

Fire in its positive form allows us transformation, the fire in the belly lets us get things done, create and transform. Fire has helped us as a species to grow and evolve, with light, cooking, heat and energy. But what has been so powerfully illustrated this summer is that fire can also decimate, destroy and take life. The line of balance so thin and fragile.

For myself I was lucky enough to escape Canberra for a few weeks and travel to Chaing Mai Thailand on a Yoga Business Retreat.  I had the most wonderful time, met new friends, learnt so much about being present and responsive in my business, gained clarity as to how to move forward and create an even more wonderful space than what we have and found comfort and self-assuredness in my role as teacher and studio owner.

I learnt that we all carry the cloud of self-doubt, of unworthiness and that feeling of not being good enough or as good as our peers. I discovered we are all amazing, unique and have valuable things to offer. If all these negatives are universally the same, then they cancel each other out. We can let the critical self-talk go and just get on with either discovering our life’s purpose or focusing on it and letting it flourish. It can all be so simple if one lives from a place of goodness, consideration and consciousness.

“Let the heat of your practice transform, your breath revitalise and your sense of purpose rise.”

So much is happening this month with little changes to the timetable so please check you classes as some have had a slight shift in timing.

Welcome Nicki Ricza

Welcome to Nicki Ricza who has joined our teaching team. Nicki has been a student at CYS since the beginning and will be helping with filling in when our regular teachers need. Nicki has been teaching chair  and other classes out in the community and no doubt will be a great asset to our team.


Class Changes

Tuesday night Ashtanga with Kat has been extended to become a 90min class so students can work towards full Primary Series. This means the Tuesday night Ashtanga class will now be at 5:45 – 7:15pm (starting 15mins earlier that before). To make this happen Fiona’s Knoff class has also been shifted forward to begin at 4:15 – 5:30pm. This change will come into effect on Tuesday 25th February. Thank you to Kat, Fiona and all attending students for your cooperation with this change.

I am pleased to announce that Gail is back teaching the Sunday afternoon class. This class has also had a slight time shift to 4:45 – 6:00pm, starting 15 mins earlier. Many Thanks to Cass, Sarah and Michelle for teaching this class for the past year. For those of you wondering Cass will still be teaching at CYS, so stay tuned for some exciting developments there.

Delve Into Pranayama

This March we are very lucky to have our two wonderful Iyengar teachers, Jacqui Simmonds and Jill Farrelly, teaming up to bring us a workshop dedicated to breathing. Delve Into Pranayama will be a wonderful exploration of breathing with the methods from the Iyengar linage and a wonderful opportunity to discover more on the path of Yoga.

When: Sunday, 15th March.
Time: 11:30 – 1:30.
Cost $40.
To book you place click this link.

An essential part of yoga is Pranayama - conscious control of the breath. BKS Iyengar said “the practice of Pranayama develops a steady mind, strong will-power and sound judgement.”
Learn how to prepare physically and mentally for Pranayama and explore foundation breathing methods. Jill Farrelly and Jacqui Simmonds are certified teachers of Iyengar Yoga. They will lead you through a supportive sequence to deepen your understanding of Pranayama and inspire you to incorporate this important aspect of yoga into your practice.


Sunday Sounds

After the wonderful success and popularity of the Sound Bath Meditation held in January, I have decided to hold a semi regular Sound Bath. They will be on selected Sundays between 11:30 – 1:15ish. The first one happening on the 29th March 2020.

I love playing the bowls and I love sharing them even more, so come along and join me for a time of meditative vibration to realign the body, rejuvenate the spirit and quiet the mind.
Click here to book you place.

Cancelation Policy

As you may have noticed, some of our classes are very full these days. This is great for the studio and wonderful to see our community growing. This does however mean that it is super important to book your place in class. And just as important to cancel your booking should you not be able to attend. Classes do have waiting list and when you cancel some one else is notified that they can attend. So take your yoga off the mat and consider others by cancelling your place at least 2 hours before the start of class. Class lists are monitored and continual absence without cancelation will result in loss of that credit. Please remember we do have a 2 week class make up policy for those of you on Direct Debit.
All we are asking is to please think of others if you cannot attend. It is best to cancel via your Mindbody app or by your login.

Please note: Cancellation of your Direct Debit contract must be done in writing, So please email me should you wish to cease your classes at CYS. Should you be going away for a while please remember that you can suspend your account for the time you are away. Simply shoot me an email with the dates and I will set it up for you.

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January 2020 Newsletter

What an incredible start to 2020. I would love to say Happy New Year but the start of 2020 has come with an unusual feeling and distress for us all. As the clock turned I could not help but think of the devastation going on up and down our coastline and all the lives being effected. These fires have swept though killing thousands of animals, displacing people and families, destroyed homes and sadly have claimed some lives. All so senseless and heartbreaking. To be honest I am at a loss for what to say and do about it all.

We focus so much on breathing in our yoga and meditation practice, but breathing now comes at a cost. The air has been oppressive, deep breaths disgusting and filled with grey haze. It feels as if we will never see a clear sky again. The energy is apocalyptic and desperate. But we must still move forward and be mindful of this time, perhaps with a new appreciation of the breath and the nature of air. Normally clear and fine, there but not needing to see it. These times will pass and we will breath freely again.

No doubt we have all been praying for rain, for an end to the spread. It will come in time and it will bring relief. But what these fires have sparked is a deep sense of community. There has been a collective gathering both practical and in spirit. Fire transforms, perhaps the fruits of this transformation will come as the dust and ash settle. But I cannot help but feel that transformation has come to the Australian spirit and the extreme kindness that we have shown to one another.

I do hope that despite the inferno you had a lovely Christmas and holiday season, shared with those you care for.

On a lighter note, there is still lots happening at the studio and many things to celebrate and get excited about.

Xmas Holiday timetable

Our holiday timetable has been going well. Classes have been very full, so please make sure you book your place. If you are having trouble booking in it could be that the class is full. We fit 30 at a squeeze so please be mindful when setting up your mat to share the space and use the floor markings as a guide.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is underway and is a wonderful space for growth and development of teachers. We are so lucky to be able to host Sarah each year and then share her wonderful insights through our teaching during the year.

Regular Classes Resume

Our normal timetable will be back from the 20th from January with the first round of the Beginners Course also kicking off that day so if you have not yet booked your place, please do so here as the course is filling up fast. The Wednesday and Thursday evening classes are almost full.

Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Sound Bath

I am super excited to share my love of sound on Saturday 11th with the Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Sound Bath. Sound is a most ancient method of healing and transforming the body on a cellular level as the sound waves move through the whole body and create balance and harmony. This session will be a journey through the 7 Main chakras and is designed to give deep relaxation and meditation, providing space and the right environment for healing and renewal on many levels. We will take some time to connect with our breath, nurture our diaphragm and then settle in to be taken on a journey of sound. There are only 2 spots left, so please book your place today.

The Art of Rest

Katie is giving us another taste of her wonderful teaching with The Art of Rest on the 16th February. She is returning from another stay and training in India and no doubt we will benefit from her time there. Spaces are limited and we are more than ½ way reserved, so please book your place here. 

Finally, I am very excited for the year ahead and have some wonderful plans to grow our space and community, stay tuned as things unfold.

Wishing you all the best.

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December 2019 Newsletter

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season and 2020

Well, its Xmas time and the year has flown by. Blink and you miss it. It is at this time of year that we often look back with reflection. We contemplate how we have behaved, the things we have achieved, the things we didn’t quite get to, our gains, our losses and everything in-between. Perhaps we look back to our yoga practice in this way as well. Did we progress, did we stay the same, did we need to pull back? How is our body? Did we honour how it felt or push through discomfort to find either detriment or gain? So many questions.
These questions lead me to wonder how much do I push. If I am the kind of person who always needs to go fast and hard, perhaps it’s time to try to go slow so I can truly listen in to the quite spaces. And if I am the kind of person who always goes slow, or takes the most gentle option, maybe it’s time to press myself a little bit and move a bit faster or try a practice that’s a bit stronger. Or if I have done the Beginners Course several times I might try an open class or 2. Maybe I just need to place my mat in a different spot in the room and that is challenge enough.
We are creatures of habit, it is part of human nature to slide into the familiar and learned behaviour, it’s the subconscious controlling the ship. But the conscious mind is far more powerful when given the chance to act. Can we make conscious choices that help us break the habits and the patterns? So much of what we do in our yoga practice is to dwell in the conscious mind to make conscious choice in breath and movement, but when we always practice the same way, choose the same classes, the same spot in the room and only push ourselves so far, we are actually slipping into that halfway space between conscious and subconscious and likely just moving through the practice in an unconscious way. 
Don’t get me wrong, sameness and familiarity are great anchors, if you have been to my class a few times you will know I say the same thing at the start and end of each class, this creates a container and space of anchoring from which to then safely challenge ourselfs. All I am trying to say is that perhaps in this time of reflect you might see where you might make small changes to open the conscious mind to possibility and growth. 

Lost Property

There is quite a lot of lost property at the studio. If you are missing a drink bottle, it may well be sitting in our locker room. Please have a look next time you are in and collect you missing bottle. There are also a few clothing items there; a grey Nike hoody and a hot pink polar fleece. They miss you, please collect them. All remaining lost property will be removed on Friday 20th December at 7:45 after meditation. 

Xmas Holidays timetable

The Xmas Holiday timetable starts on the 27th December. Please note the studio is closed from the 23rd – 26thDecember, as well as New Years Day.
The holiday timetable is online and available to book into classes. You can pause your direct debit and purchase the $75 unlimited pass if you intend to attend more classes than normal or you can continue to use your current credit system. The unlimited pass is a great way for beginners to continue with practice over the break. Our wonderful teachers can surely look after you. You can purchase your pass here. 
Please note it is likely only the Botany Street door will be open over the break. If you can not get in via the Altree Court door please walk around to the other door at the base of our stairwell and enter here.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

From 5th – 10th January we are hosting Sarah Owen for the third year in a row for Yin Yoga Teacher Training. It is a joy and an honour to be able to host Sarah for this wonderful training. If you are loving your Yin practice you may want to journey deeper into you knowledge and understanding of the practice by attending this training. You don’t need to be a teacher to attend. Yin practice is a wonderful way of opening the body, restoring and lengthening connective tissue and creating energetic change along meridians. There are still a few spots left so if you would like to attend click this link. 

Meditation is free

I have decided to make our Friday evening meditation class a FREE session. We have lovely group of people coming along to enjoy exploring meditation each week and I wanted to make this even better by making it totally free. So if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night at 6:30 – 7:45pm then feel free to come along and enjoy the crystal bowls and some quite collective space to explore the nature of mind. 

Thai Massage @CYS

Thai Yoga Massage will be available next year at Canberra Yoga Space. TL, Elena and myself are all trained to nurture and restore you through this amazing massage. The effects of Thai massage are felt days after the massage has been had, leaving you feeling very relaxed and nurtured. Spots are limited with only a few gaps in our busy timetable. If you are interested please email me at

Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Bath

Come and join me for an evening of sound and vibration to balance the Chakras and relax body and mind.The use of sound as a healing modality goes back to ancient times. The vibration of sound waves through the body can balance and restore harmony to all the cells of the body. Crystal bowls create a strong vibration and each bowl is tuned to a specific note associated with each chakra. When played they balance the charka, leaving you feeling clam, relaxed and revitalised. This will be a wonderful evening to help bring in the new year with positive energy and balance. Places are limited.
Saturday 11th January, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Cost: $20 To book your place click this link

The Art of Rest

If you missed out on Myth, Meditation and Relaxation then do not despair, Katie is presenting another wonderful offering with The Art of Rest. This 2.5hour workshop is set be another magical experience of introspection and bliss. For more details and to book your place click this link. Katie’s workshops sell out very quickly so book you place early, it might just be the perfect Xmas gift for someone too.

Book your place here. 

Finally I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic year and to wish you a healthy, happy and joyous festive season and 2020. Our community has grown strong and I look forward to another wonderful year with you. 

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November 2019 Newsletter

New Moon New Bloom

It’s Our Birthday!!

November marks 12 months since I took over CYS. What an amazing year! I really cannot believe how quickly it has gone by, how much I have learnt, what I have achieved and what rich and wonderful relationships I have formed. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and all the wonderful experiences I have had. We have such a wonderful community and space with which to explore our practice and all things Yoga and I thank you all so much for being a part of it. 

With all this in mind I think back to all the hard work that it has taken to get to this point. Amongst all of that my yoga practice and meditation has been so important in helping me stay grounded and connected to my purpose. It can be so hard in our busy lives to make the space to “Actively Relax”. To make time for self-care and connection. We often have activities that we do to relax and connect with others. Often these also give us external stimulation, a rise and fall of emotion and response, thus creating chemical change in the body. It’s not to say these activities don’t have their place, they do. They are joyful  and highly beneficial.

However, when we come to quite introspective practices like yoga and meditation we remove external stimulation, we allow the myriad of hormones and chemicals produced in the body responding to the outside world to settle. This allows for a decrease in these chemicals and an increase in the relaxation response chemicals throughout the body. Not only do we gain physical benefit on a biochemical level but we gain emotional and mental clarity and resilience. What a gift! What a Joy! In reality we are actively investing in our health and nourishing ourselves as a whole being. Better we learn this now and engage in these practices than wait till it’s too late. 

One of my older clients gave me a quote that I found so profound, so true and perspective altering:

“ To soon we grow old, to late we get smart”

Let’s not wait, let’s get smart, look inward and grow old with wisdom.

We are on the home stretch till the end of the year and there is a lot going on. Firstly I would like to say thank you to all the students and teachers for being so patient during October and the changes to the timetable. We hope that there was not too much disruption and I am truly grateful to you for your cooperation.

Our Yin workshops with Sarah Owen where amazing and the Thai Yoga Massage Training was incredible. We will be offering Thai Yoga massage at the studio next year, so stay tuned for that. TL and myself are also practicing the Pregnancy and side laying massage, so ladies let us know if you need it, no doubt you do! We are taking booking for pregnancy massage this year, so please feel free to email me for an appointment.  Elena , TL and myself all did the training so please let us know if you are keen for a massage. 

Long Live a Healthy Appetite

Sunday 10th November, 11:45am – 1:45pm. 

  • What’s your relationship with food like?
  • Do you eat to nourish your body or do you see some patterns with the way you eat that could do with a little understanding and adjustment?
  • Do you make a New Years resolution each year to alter how you are with food?

I know I do… If these questions made you think, then you might get some real benefit from this beautiful Yoga and food workshop.

This is not about diets, or chastising you with bad food choices, this is about allowing, understanding and learning how to nourish and trust in your body and relationship with food. If you have teenagers or family members struggling with food and self-image please bring them along, this is a great opportunity to give them the tools to navigate their relationship with food as it is developing.

Please email me to discuss family admission or click HERE to book your place.

Celebrate With Us

I would love it if you would join me in celebrating the year just gone and then new one coming on Sunday 24th November 11am – 3ish at Yarralumla Play Station, down on the grass by the water. This is just a simply get together for teachers and students to hang out and celebrate, so if you are free, please pop in or stay for a while. I will be providing some food and drinks but please feel free to bring a plate to share, vegetarian please.

Our studio is a combination of all our wonderful energies, the love we produce and the joy we generate.


Xmas Timetable

The Xmas timetable is shaping up. We are trying to put together a variety of classes for those of you who are still in town and wanting to practice.

This year there will be a Xmas timetable special offer of $75 unlimited classes between 27th December – 19th January. This pass is great for those attending the beginners course to keep up your practice over the break.

Normal classes will commence on the 20th January. For those of you on direct debit you can either continue on, using your designated class allowance, or pause you direct debit for the special if you feel you are going to attend more classes than normal. The $22, 14-day New student pass will also still be available. For those of you on 10 class pass, who are planning on attending lots, you may find the Unlimited deal worth purchasing and then resuming your class pass when normal classes begin again.

More details of the Xmas timetable soon. 

The studio will be closed from the 23rd – 26th December and again on New Years Day 1st January 2020.  

The Art of Rest

If you missed out on Myth, Meditation and Relaxation then do not despair, Katie is presenting another wonderful offering with The Art of Rest. This 2.5hour workshop is set be another magical experience of introspection and bliss. For more details and to book your place click this link. Katie’s workshops sell out very quickly so book you place early, it might just be the perfect Xmas gift for someone too.

Book your place here. 

Thank you again for such a wonderful year, for welcoming me into the role and for being a part of this amazing sanga.

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