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Announcement: Meet your CYS Interim Custodians

As Monica Anderson and her family prepare to move to the Sunshine Coast this November, here are the transition arrangements in place to ensure your CYS community is supported.

As you are aware, CYS has sophisticated systems in place which allows things to run consistently and seamlessly, and it has been designed to have the capacity to keep growing, and have the flexibility to be managed remotely.

That said, there are tasks which although not requiring a great deal of time, are important and do require physical presence in Canberra. Some of these roles may not require delivering an actual “job”, and may simply involve being energetically present for you and the community at large.

In this light, and in collaboration with your your teachers/ CYS faculty, it is my pleasure to announce the CYS Interim Custodians. These roles will commence from when we depart Canberra on the week of 12 November, and will run indefinitely or for as long as it is necessary to ensure the CYS community is sustained.

The Interim Custodians provide you – the community – with a good sense of support, and also allows the teachers to have a better sense of ownership and guardianship over your space and community.

Incidentally, this also allows the incoming custodian to feel supported as they transition in, and to enable you to have a better sense of guardianship with elements you love about CYS. The studio sale/ negotiations is reaching maturity, and you will be kept informed as things become finalised.

Please meet your Custodians –

Interim Custodian Photography – Katie Welsh. Photograph for studio events and profile images for new teachers.

Interim Custodian Recruitment – TL Leonard. Interviewing new teachers in conjunction with Monica.

Interim Custodian Space Cleanliness – Arthur Moudiakis. Clean studio and resets the props twice a week.

Interim Custodian Space Bavan – Elena Amani and Gregory Barnes. This involves looking after the overall energy, neatness, and sense of light and space. This role requires sensitivity, and it’s a person who will look after the welcoming, positive and practical nature of the space. The space needs to feel stable, with a good friendly and warm vibe, enjoying lots of natural light, with everything (lights, anything mechanical) working, and plants healthy.

Interim Custodian Support for Prenatal, Mums and Babies – Eli Haski. An accessible person to speak with when necessary, providing energetic and emotional support.

Interim Custodian Events – Elena Amani and Cass McGufficke. Coordinates workshops and events run at the studio.

Interim Custodian Reception – Jon Smilie. Ensures the reception area is organised and clean.

Interim Custodian Studio Access – Jon Smilie and Arthur Moudiakis. Master key – Pippa Matthews. Responsible for ensuring access to the studio.

Interim Custodian Props Training Beginners Course – Bronwen Dowse and Jacqui Simmonds. Trains and supports teachers on the use of props in the studio.


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What is your relationship with Chaos?

Spring has finally arrived! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunny week?

I was going through some riveting material which offered very strong points of reflection on daily life, and how we know it, and that constant challenge and sacrifice between staying within what is familiar and one’s comfort zone, and the call to dip out, follow passion, some illogical calling — out of structure and consistency, and potentially into disintegration and chaos. Obviously the pivotal point for most of us is that cross road where you ask yourself, “Which path do I choose, and is it worth doing or not?”

But the more fundamental question which sends out rippling effects and consequences, from infancy to adulthood – on all levels of health, anxiety, growth, vitality, relationships, and life purpose is this question: What is your relationship with this cross-road between certainty and uncertainty, structure and chaos, the defined and undefined, the comfort zone and what is beyond.

What is your relationship with Chaos?

It was fascinating to note that in Ancient Greek mythology, chaos was celebrated. In fact, they even had a god for it, the god called Chaos. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t celebrate it in a way as to say, “This chaos and disintegration is wonderful! More of this please!!”.

No, just as we do today, they acknowledged chaos and disintegration as something very uncomfortable, something that is a pain to go through, knowing that it is the dark phase to any cycle.

However, it was embraced as the inevitable process or rite of passage, for the next doorway to open for the individual. Like the pearl that comes out of the oyster – it doesn’t happen without chemistry, discomfort, and grit.

There is a wide divide between infants raised in a family or culture, where chaos, change, uncertainty, awkwardness, mess, and disintegration, is embraced as something ok as a right of passage; and an infant raised in a family or culture of structure, definition, perfectionism, certainty, and order.

I’m not saying “Yay to mess, just let it go!”. Trust me, as a parent to two girls age three and five, I like my sense of order, and mess is still a challenge to accept to this day. It’s relaxed immensely – if you have OCD like I did, have kids. It’s the quickest way to relax it.

No, like most fundamental things, what matters is the subtle principle, the key underlying belief systems in culture, individual, and society, which then sends a strong message to being – i.e. how one can or cannot be, what one should or shouldn’t do, what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Mess is not all that trivial – I have had to make the fundamental choice, as to what subtle messaging I am sending to my two girls about themselves and the world. I certainly did not want to send the message that mess and image or external perception, was more important than them, or my love for them.

Given that choice, I made the choice to clearly let them know that whatever exploration they needed to make with sensorial things at this young age, to make sense of themselves, their own strengths, and how things worked in the world, is fundamentally paramount.

Yes of course, there is freedom within boundaries. And as a parent, it is challenging to get this balance right each time. But the awareness and intention, and commitment, is there.

In natural therapy, this chaos energy, anything on the side to the fence to do with things undefined, uncertain, the void, abstract creativity, is on the Yin or Pingala side to the general sphere.

These two archetypes of energy — of structure and chaos or creativity — is within each one of us, as it also exists within each family, each unit, each geographic area, each country. You will be able to observe how this balance sways even within micro communities like schools, or your team at the workplace.

Within an individual, what are the implications of one’s relationship with chaos? Or one’s quality of relationship with these two spheres? An unhealthy relationship with chaos and uncertainly will look like — perhaps high stress levels when things end, when jobs or a job is lost or changed, when people leave; discomfort or stress and anxiety with waiting; or discomfort anxiety or irritation when things are unplanned; being judgemental or the absence of compassion when people appear lost or confused or depressed or a mess or going through a rough time; fear of change; stress with change; or just simply shutting off to any concept of change or uncertainty.

I enjoy witnessing my double standards when they arise, and consciously recalibrating to allow more capacity for information and compassion. To illustrate, a wise friend asked me once when I was so impatient for my husband to “just get on with it, and be more happy and organised” (we all go through phases like these where we’re not 100%, we are going through a right of passage where things are uncomfortable) — my wise friend told me,

“Look, you’re totally right. No one has the energy or time to deal with these things. But, what if it was one of your daughters – let’s say she comes home one day, pregnant or in trouble? What would you do?? Would you say, I only love you if you are “perfect”? Or would you say – “This is the place, go through whatever you need to go through, to get through to the next phase of who you need to emerge as a person. You have my support, we can do this together.” The choice to have a thriving family sphere allows space for everyone to be themselves within this sphere.

My kindergarten teacher was wise in telling me, not to do to others what I wouldn’t want inflicted on me. And stated positively, to offer or treat another to that level of acceptance and opportunity in an environment as to be conducive for me, or anyone else, to grow and evolve.

Having this as a point of orientation very quickly aligned words and actions for me — as I communicate to my friends and loved ones, my husband, and children – that this space of friendship, or this home and place, is a conducive place – for them to feel comfortable to grow, for them to know they have permission to be themselves.

If I was in their place, as a child I would love an inspiring place where I can enjoy thriving and experimenting and allowing myself to unfold, knowing the space is safe. And the inner child’s journey never ends, at least not while we’re alive.

This is the space of intention we can carry within us.

And this is the space of intention that has been created via Canberra Yoga Space. For you as a student or instructor to thrive and have that permission and freedom to explore your self-awareness, or for an instructor to explore their craft. The balance is such that arriving at a healthy relationship with both structure and uncertainty allows the intelligence to utilise the strength from both spheres – in CYS the space provides enough structure for you to explore and evolve. And as CYS evolves and changes, there will be many more pathways to unfold. As creativity tends to do – alchemy creates something from nothing. And the alchemist is truly alive in each one of us.

This is the space of intention CYS has been created for students, and anyone who intersects with its path.

Relationship is inevitable – you intersect with life and relationship from when you were born. Life is relationship. And, as you deepen in self-awareness through your practise, there is always that internal call — the call to make a CHOICE – to either (1) intersect with life daily, unconsciously via our WOUNDS; (2) or to respond to the call, to contribute to life consciously via our SOUL TALENTS, archetypal gifts that have been there since the beginning, which may be dormant, but never gone.

The more we awaken this in ourselves, the more the soul is nourished, and the more vitality one feels, and health one enjoys.

The more disconnection to these gifts, spells more a life of existence without living. Vitality is compromised. Pain and dullness is invited into the sphere. And it unavoidably impacts health.

To your wellness and health.



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KNOFF ‘Yoga for Holistic Healing A’ (YOGA THERAPY) Course 2019

KNOFF Yoga Holistic Healing Course 2019

We are very pleased to announce that KNOFF YOGA will be running their ‘Yoga for Holistic Healing A’ (Yoga Therapy) Training at Canberra Yoga Space in 8-12 July 2019.

Yoga for holistic healing is the all inclusive approach to physical and mental well-being that treats acute or chronic ailments, injuries or mis-alignments by bringing the whole body into symmetry and balance through yoga –

  • Postures
  • Breath Work
  • Meditation

KNOFF YOGA runs Yoga Holistic Healing A and B. The course in July 2019 is ‘Yoga Holistic Healing A – Anatomy’ which focuses on the body’s healing systems that are an interconnected whole and approaches physical and mental well-being to work with acute or chronic injuries or misalignments by bringing the whole body into symmetry and balance through yoga.

‘Yoga Holistic Healing B – physiology’ is the second stage option to progress to, here we look at the physiology or processes of the body, e.g digestion, excretion, blood and lymph circulation.

The Yoga Holistic Healing Teacher Training A will run from Monday 8 to Friday 12 July 2019 from 8:40am to 5:15pm. This is a non-residential teacher training.

The training will be by Master Yoga Teacher, James E. Bryan (ERYT500), who is the Program Director for KNOFF YOGA.


Yoga techniques are adapted to meet the needs and capabilities of the student in personalised one-on-one programs that are designed specifically for each situation and should be practiced at home after the class.

Yoga holistic healing is distinct from other forms of conventional therapy in that it works to alleviate localised symptoms as well as addressing the causal and peripheral imbalances that would otherwise allow the problems to re-occur.

Yoga holistic healing recognises that the body and mind are interconnected through the agency of the breath and that there is a direct connection between mental and physical states and the condition of the breath. Long slow, steady yoga breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a feeling of peace and calm and allows the body to heal.

A KNOFF YOGA teacher treats you with care and consideration and only starts working with you after reading your health questionnaire and listening to everything you have to say.

The goal of yoga holistic healing is for the student to take control of his or her health, not only to cure a short-term discomfort, but also to stay healthy.

Course Pre-requisites

To join the Yoga Holistic Healing Course A (YOGA THERAPY), you are required to have Level 1 – Discovery and Level 3 – Foundation certification, or an equivalent 200-hour certification. You can submit your application HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Your application for enrolment will be reviewed by James Bryan from KNOFF YOGA.

***All payments/ enrolment tuition is to be made to Canberra Yoga Space – see details below.

Course Description

In Yoga Holistic Healing A, you will learn how to work with people suffering mainly from structural mis-alignments and problems, e.g. back pain, bad posture, herniated discs, knee pain, neck pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica, scoliosis, weak joints, etc.

There will be yoga holistic healing classes with volunteer students from the public, so you get to experience working with real people. Learn how to put the theory into practice safely and confidently.

In the morning Asana, Pranayama and Meditations sessions, Teacher Trainees will practice actual yoga holistic healing programs in order to feel and understand their application. In the afternoon Teaching Methodology sessions Teacher Trainees assist, provide props, and take photos and notes, while Nicky (or James) teaches. You will get feed-back direct from the volunteer students on how they feel after doing the specially designed programs. We invite people with a range of health issues. Students are welcome to return for future courses to learn more and keep-up with the latest information.

The theory and preparation will cover some of the more typical physical mis-alignments and look at how yoga techniques can bring about an improvement. In addition we will look at the ‘bigger picture’ of how we are more than just a body, and how healing occurs on many different levels.

You will receive a Yoga Holistic Healing Manual and a Yoga Holistic Healing Certificate (if you pass the course).

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete the online application form HERE or click on one of the green buttons. James will assess your application for acceptance into the Teacher Training Course.

Step 2: You will receive a reply, generally within 24-48 hours on the status of your application. If your application is successful you will be directed to make payment of the non-refundable $200 deposit to secure your place. Please MAKE ALL PAYMENTS TO Canberra Yoga Space – bank details are below.

Step 3: You will be sent a reminder notice prior to the early bird cut-off date – 26 April 2019. Payments made after the cut-off date are at full fee.

KNOFF Yoga Teacher Training 200-Hour from January 2019

Yoga Holistic Healing Teacher Training Course fee

Early bird discounted price of $1,169 is offered if the full discounted fee is paid by 26 April 2019. Otherwise the Full Fee is AUD $1,299.

Method of Payment

Once your application has been approved, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your place.

Any outstanding balance of the Course Fee is to be paid 30 days before the start of the training – by 8 June 2019.

For Internet banking, make payment to:

Name: Live Yoga Life Pty Ltd
BSB: 112-879
Account number: 068436476
Reference: Your Surname, followed by CYSHH19 as ID

Refund Policy

** Payment of the Early-Bird discounted Course Fees are non-refundable but may be transferred to another Course providing it is attended within 12 months.

In all other cases:

  • A non-refundable deposit for the full course is required 30 days prior to start of the Course.
  • Up to 31 days prior to the start of the course – full refund of your payment less non-
    refundable deposit.
  • Within 30 days prior to the start of the course – no refund, but you may transfer your full payment (including deposit) to another KNOFF YOGA Teacher Training course, providing it is attended within 12 months.
  • Once the course has started – no refund or credits on any payment, partial or full.
  • If the course does not proceed – 100% refund including deposit.


  • To obtain a refund, all course materials must be returned to KNOFF YOGA.
  • If attending from interstate (or overseas), we advise you to obtain Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.


KNOFF YOGA combines the anatomical alignment and intelligence of Iyengar Yoga, with the energetic principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, resulting in the 5 Pillars of Practice.


KNOFF YOGA is a system-based program, which is logical, clear and easy to understand. KNOFF YOGA takes an extremely complex subject and intelligently simplifies it. KNOFF YOGA is grounded in tradition and incorporates western scientific principles. You learn how to teach from a solid base of knowledge, imparting confidence – all the work has been done, you simply follow the systems and guide your students.

Why choose KNOFF YOGA?

  • You study under the guidance of a Master Teacher with over 34 years experience.
  • All classes are dedicated to Teacher Training – not public classes.
  • Courses are designed so you are certificated and may teach straight away using the comprehensive course content.
  • Courses are based on modern learning methodology.
  • Each level prepares you for the next with logical progression.
  • Principle-based so that you are not rote learning or following a script. The principles free you to teach from your own unique understanding.

The KNOFF YOGA Systems mean:

  • You teach with substance and guide with confidence.
  • You do not have to reinvent the wheel for every class.
  • You do not have to be a super yogi – just share and care.

KNOFF YOGA Holistic Healing Teacher Training Overview

View more KNOFF Yoga videos

KNOFF Yoga Holistic Healing Teacher Training 2019

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Fathers Day Special – Bring Your Man! Community Class

Fathers Day Special Yoga Class


Wishing all dads and dads-to-be, a wonderful day this Sunday.

CYS is offering a one-off Fathers’ Day special Yoga Class this Sunday 2 September from 11:30am to 12:45pm.

All men can join in on this class for FREE! Women and children can also attend free-of-charge, as long as you bring a man with you 🙂

This special class is our way of giving back to the community. It is important for you to book ahead of time, as space is limited to 25 mats/ participants. Book via our timetable here.

This class is to be guided by Gregory Barnes who runs our specialised ‘Men’s Yoga’ classes, on Tuesdays 9:30 to 10:30AM, and Fridays 12:15-1:15PM. You can book for these drop in classes via our timetable.

Book for our Fathers Day community event here.

Bring the family along this Fathers Day. Spread the word to friends and family!

Have a great week 🙂

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Canberra Yoga Space Wins MINDBODY Visionary Award


Press Release – MINDBODY Visionary Awards

Canberra Yoga Space Wins MINDBODY Visionary Award

Phillip, ACT – 21 August 2018 – Canberra Yoga Space has been honored in the inaugural MINDBODY Visionary Awards, given for business excellence fitness, beauty and wellness industries.

“The MINDBODY Visionary Awards are our way of celebrating the businesses owners we serve, for both their success and for how they translate that into helping their communities live healthier, happier lives,” said Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY CEO and co-founder.

Canberra Yoga Space (CYS) is the first dedicated yoga studio in Canberra – they opened their doors to the public in March 2014 and we have witnessed nothing less than phenomenal, escalated, and consistent growth from this organization since Mind Body began serving it in partnership. Our statistics show that Canberra Yoga Space has created a loyal community with an exceptionally high retention rate of students and clients. We are proud to support this amazing organization.

Connecting the world to wellness starts in our own backyards, and our honorees deserve to be recognized for their commitment and achievements.

The MINDBODY Visionary Award is given to businesses who have an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of all MINDBODY customers world wide, between January and June 2018.

About Canberra Yoga Space
Canberra Yoga Space is a well renowned yoga studio based in Woden, ACT. It has a multifaceted faculty, and a wide array of purposeful classes, courses, workshops and events on a full timetable, open seven days a week except Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Boxing Day. It takes pride in having an integrated and cohesive faculty that seeks to cultivate true self-empowerment and fundamental self-care in the individual. CYS’s emphasis is on harnessing responsive teaching and responsive practise, to allow an attuned and relevant method of responding to the body’s every-changing needs.

MINDBODY, Inc. (NASDAQ: MB) is the leading technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries. Local entrepreneurs worldwide use MINDBODY’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market and build their businesses. Consumers use MINDBODY to more easily find, engage and transact with fitness, wellness and beauty providers in their local communities. For more information on how MINDBODY is helping people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to fitness, beauty and wellness, visit



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On Isolation: A response to a mother’s request for help

On Isolation: A response to a mother’s request for help

Being a parent, and life in general, can be isolating at times. A situation can easily become overwhelming and, when it does, we can start to feel disempowered, leading to a sense of helplessness.

This sentiment was expressed by a mother in an online forum recently. With a young baby to look after, the pressure to help him settle at night was becoming all-consuming.

Coming from her own experience, CYS Director, Monica Anderson, offered her advice. Hopefully, it’s not only valuable to the mother, but also to any of you who have experienced similar feelings of isolation.

Mother’s post

“My little man, who’s 15 months old, has started unlatching and will just lay down and fidget, kick, roll around, etc. before going to sleep. Normally, I lay next to him in my bed, nurse to sleep, then sneak away until I go to bed. However, it’s taking an hour or longer for him to go to sleep because of this.

I’m so overwhelmed at being consumed by my children every single day for their entire lives I just broke down tonight and asked my husband to take over. He gladly stepped in but our baby has been screaming and crying for 15 or 20 minutes now. Any advice that follows Montessori principles? No CIO or sleep training advice please.”

Monica’s response

“The way society is currently structured, with one or two adults in a home looking after 1+ children, is not natural.

As a mother to two little girls age three and five, I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and totally consumed by the time devoted to children, the stress from time not devoted to children, and the energy to juggle everything else.

If one adult is primarily working, and the other adult (usually the mother), is the predominant carer (which is the arrangement in many households), that load is not natural or optimal for one person, and neither is it optimal for the children.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are no longer in villages and we don’t operate as a tribe.

The norm of self-sufficiency and separation, alongside the work model of being on the treadmill to pay bills for a lifestyle – affects everything.

For women/mothers/a primary care giver in this position, it sacrifices fundamental self-care, and affects mental health. Be kind and compassionate with yourself.

  1. Try to be real with your child/children – they do not want a supermom (I’m not inferring you are trying to be one) — all kids want is a real human being.

Model by respecting your boundaries as much as you can. It’s hard when they’re little as they’re so reliant on you. But for my daughters, I tell them when I’m exhausted and I just need my space. At age 3 and 5, I didn’t think they’d understand but they do.

  1. Make fundamental self-care as important as you can – if say drawing or going for a walk is a big part of what tops up your spirit, claim it even just for 15 minutes first thing in the morning, or before you sleep at night, make it important. The more these fundamental needs are met, the more you will feel alive and more yourself.

It is also good modelling for the child/children on self-relationship and making their own needs important/ respecting their energy and boundaries;

  1. Be creative with booking time out or arranging support. This was not easy to do when the girls were under 12 months, but it’s gotten easier as they got more independent. My husband has let me know that he can see when I’m about to burn out and he has wondered why I haven’t claimed time off. He has encouraged me to book even two nights in a month or every two months away, just by myself at a hotel or somewhere nice. Just time away, to rest and rejuvenate. It works well for everyone – my husband loves it as he gets a turn on a weekend being a full time parent; my girls get to build a different relationship with him; and he also gets time off from me (I can be crabby). Overall it’s been healthier for everyone.
  1. With being creative arranging support – some people are lucky to be close to their extended family and get support. Many like myself, don’t have this luxury. I have started coming out of my shell to make my own tribe. It has involved making the brave decision to even move cities to be with a more like minded community of people. It doesn’t have to be this extreme, where you are may already be perfectly ripe for it. You are not the only mother in this boat. It’s a good opportunity to express our vulnerability, and explore ways to help each other out. Whether it be a carpool system, or taking turns looking after each other’s kids so one can do the groceries and have a mental break, and vice versa. I hope that helps.”

It’s not an easy road, so be compassionate and kind with yourself.

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Beginners Yoga Course August 2018 now open

Beginners Yoga Course for August 2018 now open

Our JULY Beginners Yoga Course is FULL and CLOSED to new enrolments. We have opened the Beginners Yoga Course August 2018 which starts on Monday 13 August and runs until Sunday 23 September 2018.

Our beginners course is 48 classes over 6 weeks. You can attend as many classes as you want for only $99. That is less than $2.10 a class!

For more information or to enrol, check out our beginners yoga page.

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Beginners Yoga Course July 2018 now open

Beginners Yoga Course for July 2018 now open

Our MAY Beginners Yoga Course is FULL and CLOSED to new enrolments. We have opened the Beginners Yoga Course July 2018 which starts on Monday 2 July and runs until Sunday 12 August May 2018.

Our beginners course is 42 classes over 6 weeks. You can attend as many classes as you want for only $99. That is less than $2.50 a class!

For more information check out our beginners yoga page.

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Beginners Yoga Course starting 21 May 2018 now open

Beginners Yoga Course for May 2018 now open

Our APRIL Beginners Yoga Course is FULL and CLOSED to new enrolments.

We have opened the MAY Beginners Course which starts on Monday 21 May and runs until Sunday 1 July 2018.

Our beginners course is 48 classes over 6 weeks. You can attend as many classes as you want for only $99.

For more information check out our beginners yoga page here.

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KNOFF ‘Yoga for Holistic Healing A’ (YOGA THERAPY) Course 2018

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