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Home » News » Announcement: Meet your CYS Interim Custodians

Announcement: Meet your CYS Interim Custodians

As Monica Anderson and her family prepare to move to the Sunshine Coast this November, here are the transition arrangements in place to ensure your CYS community is supported.

As you are aware, CYS has sophisticated systems in place which allows things to run consistently and seamlessly, and it has been designed to have the capacity to keep growing, and have the flexibility to be managed remotely.

That said, there are tasks which although not requiring a great deal of time, are important and do require physical presence in Canberra. Some of these roles may not require delivering an actual “job”, and may simply involve being energetically present for you and the community at large.

In this light, and in collaboration with your your teachers/ CYS faculty, it is my pleasure to announce the CYS Interim Custodians. These roles will commence from when we depart Canberra on the week of 12 November, and will run indefinitely or for as long as it is necessary to ensure the CYS community is sustained.

The Interim Custodians provide you – the community – with a good sense of support, and also allows the teachers to have a better sense of ownership and guardianship over your space and community.

Incidentally, this also allows the incoming custodian to feel supported as they transition in, and to enable you to have a better sense of guardianship with elements you love about CYS. The studio sale/ negotiations is reaching maturity, and you will be kept informed as things become finalised.

Please meet your Custodians –

Interim Custodian Photography – Katie Welsh. Photograph for studio events and profile images for new teachers.

Interim Custodian Recruitment – TL Leonard. Interviewing new teachers in conjunction with Monica.

Interim Custodian Space Cleanliness – Arthur Moudiakis. Clean studio and resets the props twice a week.

Interim Custodian Space Bavan – Elena Amani and Gregory Barnes. This involves looking after the overall energy, neatness, and sense of light and space. This role requires sensitivity, and it’s a person who will look after the welcoming, positive and practical nature of the space. The space needs to feel stable, with a good friendly and warm vibe, enjoying lots of natural light, with everything (lights, anything mechanical) working, and plants healthy.

Interim Custodian Support for Prenatal, Mums and Babies – Eli Haski. An accessible person to speak with when necessary, providing energetic and emotional support.

Interim Custodian Events – Elena Amani and Cass McGufficke. Coordinates workshops and events run at the studio.

Interim Custodian Reception – Jon Smilie. Ensures the reception area is organised and clean.

Interim Custodian Studio Access – Jon Smilie and Arthur Moudiakis. Master key – Pippa Matthews. Responsible for ensuring access to the studio.

Interim Custodian Props Training Beginners Course – Bronwen Dowse and Jacqui Simmonds. Trains and supports teachers on the use of props in the studio.


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