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Home » News » August 2017 – “The Lion’s Gateway”

August 2017 – “The Lion’s Gateway”

August 2017 the Lions Gateway

How are you going? There has been a multitude of energetic shifts on many levels these past weeks, which has meant intense or challenging times for many, as everything seems up for review. Don’t be surprised if something, or everything in your life seems to be in flux now. You are not alone. It does mean that things can be intense and/ or overwhelming.

If you are expanding your awareness to include broader dimensions, every year on 8 August, there is a cosmic energetic alignment that takes place called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is when Earth aligns with the Galactic Center, (27 degrees Sagittarius) and the star Sirius, opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.

Increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet now, through the Sun and directly from Spirit. This increased light, and accelerated ascension energy is causing huge life altering changes to unfold in one way or another for just about everyone now.

Whatever you are undertaking to learn, master or do differently right now, will leave an imprint that will set the tone for this 9-year creation cycle that started this year. Make each choice a conscious choice. Make it count for your self.

Big things like relationships, career changes, life purpose, health, home, travel, soul work, letting go of material things (and a few other themes too) are highlighted now.

Everything is up for review, and the big question being put forward is, “Does it serve your authentic truth? Does it support you to evolve into the best and highest version of your true self?”

Ultimately, these changes we are each going through serve to align us more fully with our authentic self. And if you’ve been exploring or practising yoga or other avenues on personal development for a while now, you will have an understanding of how this work (on aligning with your true authentic self) has a direct bearing on your HEALTH and well-being. The bigger the gap, the more you split your self energetically, and the more tension there is within and without, the body suffers more stress. So it’s something fundamental well worth paying attention to.

It is important to be gentle with your self during this time of transition, as I’m sure you already know that change isn’t always easy. It can be daunting not knowing what is going on or what is going to happen, and what is next for you, specially when things seem to be crumbling and falling apart on both an individual and collective scale.

Your steady meditative practise will be supportive of you during this time. And our collective body of work at CYS always seeks to support your transition and personal development in this regard.

Feel free to reach out, and stay connected.

In wellness

Monica – Founder/ Director, Canberra Yoga Space

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