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Home » News » Christmas 2017 – $75 Unlimited Yoga Deal

Christmas 2017 – $75 Unlimited Yoga Deal

As a special gift to you, we’re offering a red hot Christmas deal of $75 UNLIMITED Yoga – enjoy 40+ classes over 4 weeks. The offer is for the modified timetable period – Monday 18 December 2017 to Sunday 14 January 2018.

Our Christmas special unlimited yoga period is designed to offer you continuity of practice which is key to personal transformation. The classes running during this period are well-rounded and are designed to meet your need for rejuvenation and recalibration before the new year.

** Classes are appropriate for all levels of practise, and your teachers will be offering variations for each pose to make practise as accessible as possible.


***Buy your unlimited Xmas pass here.***



For ease of reference, here’s a PDF of the holiday schedule. Feel free to print off and use on the go. Kindly note, we’re closed 24-26 Dec and 1 Jan. In addition, classes may be subject to change, so please always double check our live online timetable.


Take Advantage of TWO Yoga Intensive Programs (INCLUDED)

INCLUDED in your$75 Unlimited Pass, are two Yoga Intensive Programs. Yoga intensives are a progressive series of consecutive classes designed to optimise mind-body awareness and wellbeing. If you have purchased our special $75 Unlimited Pass, or if you’re on direct debit, you have full access to the following two intensive programmes:


Niki De Domenico Core Yoga IntensiveNiki De Domenico 4-Day Core Yoga Intensive
27-30 December (12:00-1:00pm)

Core Yoga helps build awareness, strength and stamina in our core—physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically we need a strong yet subtle core for almost every pose, and off the mat, for stability and for longevity. But don’t equate Core Yoga with a flat belly or six-pack abs—while these are worthy fitness goals for some. Core Yoga has so much more to offer then toning up the abs!

Core Yoga improves posture, balance and breathing. It helps to reduce back pain and creates safer-movement patterns. Core Yoga can even help increase athletic performance (if that’s your thing!). A strong core not only strengthens your body but also your mental and emotional wellbeing. You are more resilient to life’s ups and downs when you live from your core, centred and calm.

Core Yoga is a slow, floor-based practise, where we focus on key muscles—abdominals, pelvic muscles, mid-and-lower back muscles and hip muscles—while maintaining breath and present-moment awareness. By practising this way, we can relax the mind, oxygenate and detoxify the body as well as heal and improve our wellbeing. Remember, if you sit, stand, walk or do nearly any kind of activity: you’re using your core!

If your core could use a tune up during the holiday season, then come along to our Core Yoga Intensive.

All levels welcome!

To reap the full benefits you need to sign up for and attend all 4 sessions in this intensive. Your $75 Unlimited pass or your direct debit pass makes you eligible to attend this intensive. Bookings are essential – reserve your spot online now.


Jon Smillie - Vinyasa IntensiveJon Smilie 5 Day Vinyasa Intensive
8-12 Jan (7:00-8:00am)

In this 5-day intensive, we’ll be working with Tapas (that burning fire within) in Abhyasa (practice that aims at achieving a tranquil state of mind) – i.e. a regular, focused practice with some intensity – to burn through Samskara (mental impressions) and set a new pattern that resonates with you for the new year.

What’s on offer is a dynamic, Hatha-based flow, progressing through many of the classic poses, and revisiting these poses on successive days to build depth, strength, and purpose. Clearing obstructions in the physical body, and recharging the energetic body, this fast-track period of practice will establish a new foundation to take you forward in the new year.

Who is this intensive appropriate for?
This intensive is ideal for competent beginners and regular practitioners. Poses will be straightforward – Jon will cue a steady flowing sequence, and invite you to take rests as needed to regulate your own intensity. Practise is accessible – you can just drop back in and re-join when you’re ready to go again. All levels of experience can be accommodated in these classes.

To reap the full benefits you need to sign up for and attend all 5 sessions in this intensive. Your $75 Unlimited pass or your direct debit pass makes you eligible to attend this intensive. Bookings are essential – reserve your spot online now.


***Buy your unlimited Xmas pass here.***


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