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Home » News » NEW Prana Kriya Class (Sat) – What is Prana Kriya? Why practise?

NEW Prana Kriya Class (Sat) – What is Prana Kriya? Why practise?

New Prana Kriya Yoga Classes with Emily Victoria

Here at CYS, we strive to offer you a choice of representative and authentic pathways through yoga. There is such a tendency in life towards homogeneity, to apply a one-size-fits-all model, but the reality is that whilst we share the same overall template, you as an individual are unique. Yoga is about self-awareness and quieting the mind enough to listen to your truth, and some styles of yoga may help you more than others.

With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce Prana Kriya Yoga to our timetable and welcome our first certified Prana Kriya Yoga teacher, Emily Victoria, to the studio.  In addition to Prana Kriya, Emily isxt a certified Vinyasa Hatha instructor who brings with her a wealth of experience. Read more about Emily, her Prana Kriya Yoga journey and how she can support you here.

Regular Saturday 5:30-6:30PM Prana Kriya Class – Starts Saturday 7 October

After a successful 3-Class Introductory Prana Kriya Practise last August, we are pleased to introduce Prana Kriya as a regular addition to our timetable. Explore this powerful practise – book online through our timetable today.

What is Prana Kriya?

Prana kriya yoga is an energetic yet accessible style of practise that increases vitality and health through a series of exercises (kriyas) which combines physical movement with breath work. You will find this style of practise strengthening and re-energizing the whole body and mind, whilst being calming, meditative and trance-like, reminiscent of ancient movement. It works on a physical and subtle body level, moving the energies in the body and re-vitalising them. It helps rejuvenate the brain and spinal centres, allowing transformation and freedom from limiting beliefs and old behavioural patterns.

“I still remember the first few Prana Kriya classes I attended. It was not like any form of yoga I had ever experienced before. It was energetic, lots of repeated body movements, lots of left and right brain coordination, lots of breath work (inner and outer retention) and some truly mesmerising movements which struck me somewhere deeply, somehow reminding me of ancient times, being connected to something universal. I left these classes feeling completely invigorated. Like I had shaken all the cob-webs from my mind and body loose. I walked away lighter and freer.”  – Emily Victoria

Prana Kriya can be very effective in helping you achieve your goals and aspirations – material, emotional and spiritual.  Learn more about Prana Kriya Yoga – book through our timetable today.

May you continue to be courageous and creative in your journey through yoga. I hope these different pathways allow you glimpses to all the different dimensions to your soul.


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