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5-Week Spring Challenge with Blindfold Workshop

When we begin our yoga journey there can be a tendency to judge ourselves and others, comparing our bodies, clothes, strength, flexibility and balance to name a few. Being blindfolded gives us complete freedom to explore the postures on a much deeper level, without the pressures of judgement and offers a chance to look inward. We rely so much on our sense of sight, the Blindfold Yoga Workshop is an opportunity to sharpen our other senses.

What is the Spring Challenge?

Commit to & attend at least 1 Knoff Approach class per week from 23 September – 26 October 2019 for 5 weeks
In the lead up to the Blindfolded Yoga Workshop, students need to attend at least 1 class a week to familiarise themselves with the Knoff yoga sequence – these will be “open eyed” practices
Each week, classes will be taught based on Knoff’s rotational theme where more time is spent focusing on the asana group for that week:

Week 1 (22-28 Sept): Earth & sun salutations, inverted poses
Week 2 (28 Sept – 05 Oct): Standing poses, forward bends & sitting poses
Week 3 (06 – 12 Oct): Arm balancings & abdominals
Week 4 (13 – 19 Oct): Twists & backbends
Week 5 (20 – 26 Oct): Vinyasa – consolidation of the previous 4 weeks making the practice a into moving meditation.

Blindfolded Yoga Workshop to be held on Sunday, 27 October 2019 at time 11:30am – 1:30pm
This practice will be exactly the same as the classes taught in Week 5, just with a blindfold
Students will be guided through each posture with verbal directions and adjustments
It will be a slower paced practice and will be provided in a safe and supportive environment
Physical adjustments will also be given where required
Students are required to bring their own blindfold. Heavy weight bandages are recommended.

Who should undertake this challenge?
Some experience in yoga is required. Not suitable for complete beginners.


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