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Studio Timetable Update – Canberra Long Weekends


Hi Everyone! With the two consecutive long weekends, kindly note that classes are on as per our timetable except for the following:

SUNDAY 27 SEPTEMBER – Restorative Class has been CANCELLED in lieu of COMMUNITY YOGA DAY

What classes are on over the next two long weekends?

Come to Pippa’s beautiful Saturday morning Vinyasa Classes (Yoga Synergy Style) at 8:30am.  Or if you’re an afternoon person, you enjoy the zen atmosphere and holistic bliss offered by Michelle Norris (a fluid moving Vinyasa Hatha class). Both classes are appropriate for beginners to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners.  Sign up through our timetable.

This Sunday, 27 September we have our SPRING EQUINOX YOGA COMMUNITY DAY from 1:30-3:30PM.  Sign up here.

The studio is open as per usual from Tuesday 29 September to Saturday 4 October.
Business as usual from Tuesday 6 October.

See you on the mat, and wishing you an enjoy long weekend!


The Team @ Canberra Yoga Space

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Spring Equinox Community Yoga Day – Sunday 27 September 2015


The Spring Equinox marks a specific time of year when days and nights have equal lengths. It is celebrated all over the world by people from different cultures, and different spiritual and religious beliefs as an opportunity to cleanse one’s mind and body.

Join us for a Community Yoga Day on Sunday 27 September from 1:30-3:30PM. BY DONATION at the door, with proceeds from this event going to our Local Cancer Support Group – ACT Eden Monaro’s Own.


**PLEASE NOTE: Registration online is essential as the studio can only welcome a finite number of practitioners. Please DO NOT register if you are unsure whether or not you can make it. If you cannot make it, let us know at least 48 hours before the event, as we will have people wait-listed, and do not wish anyone to miss out unnecessarily. Register your place online here.

Cancer-Awareness-Childhood-MonthGO GOLD THIS SEPTEMBER

September is the National Childhood Cancer awareness month, with September’s theme being “Go GOLD”. Let us support this awareness – we encourage you to WEAR GOLD as you hit the mat this SEPTEMBER 🙂

logo-csgABOUT Cancer Support Group, ACT Eden Monaro’s Own

The Cancer Support Group, ACT Eden Monaro’s Own is a small local independent charity that has been financially supporting cancer patients in and around Canberra for 29 years. They are a unique charity in that they take all types of cancer patients and at all ages.

Their youngest patient at present, is a 4 year old girl who was diagnosed with leukaemia in July 2015. Their oldest patient is a 95 old lady who has been battling terminal breast cancer since 2012.

ACT Eden Monaro’s Own works to ease some of the extra financial stress placed on cancer patients while undergoing their treatment. The support group helps pay for all their medication related to their diagnoses, chemotherapy accounts, prescribed dietary supplements, electricity and gas accounts, as well as supplying weekly food and fuel vouchers. The support group currently has over 950 patients registered with its work, and spends over $600,000 per year on patient expenses.

The Cancer Support is proud to say that 100% of donations and 100% of the proceeds from their fundraisers go back out into the community to help cancer patients. None of the money received is spent on administration or staff wages. They are able to do this thanks to a grant from the ACT Government for three staff members.

Next year is a very special year for the Cancer Support Group as they will be celebrating their 30th birthday. They could not have been able to achieve this without the wonderful support of the Canberra community.

The support group thank you for your donations.

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