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Yoga for Teens – 5 week course with Suzanna Thell

Teens Yoga Teacher - Suzanna ThellJoin experienced DRU yoga teacher Suzanna Thell for a 5-week Yoga for Teens, running from Wednesday 30 April to 28 May.

The yoga for teens class is aimed at kids in high school and college. It offers ways to exercise and energise; develop flexibility and creativity; increase concentration and self-confidence; and experience inner stillness.

It also offers skills to help build resilience and techniques to de-stress. Students will feel empowered not only to face challenges but to dream big, as they discover they have all they need within to be the best they can be.

These yoga classes aim to:

* build strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility
* improve postural alignment
* use breathing techniques for stress management
* increase concentration and mindful awareness
* build self confidence & resilience
* encourage deep relaxation & inner stillness

There will be 2 courses per term with terms running as per ACT school terms.

The cost is $82.50 for 5 sessions. Sign up by 21 April and get 10% off.

Enrol here.

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