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COVID19 Precautions

If you feel unwell please DO NOT attend class.

Contact your doctor and self isolate.

If you are attending classes.

Students attending classes at CYS are advised to:

  • wash your hand before and after class. Hand sanitiser is available
  • bring your own mat and a towel to place over bolsters, blankets and other props
  • clean all shared equipment before and after with the wash provided

What we do to minimise risk of Covid-19 at CYS

As you will know Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. I have been asked what we are doing to minimise risk at the studio.

I feel it is important not to over react and become alarmist about this health issue but it is important to acknowledge that this virus can have minimal symptoms for many people but spreads very easily. This post will cover a few points that I hope will help to minimise our risk, help reduce the spread of this virus and keep those vulnerable in our community safer.

This a great time to invest in your own mat. We strongly advise this.

We do still have mats that are shared with other students. If you use one, you must clean it before and after use with the spray provided. You must also wipe blocks and other props down before and after use.

Please bring a towel to put to provide another barrier of protection between you and shared props.

Please use a tissue over your eye pillow to protect your eyes, this is good general practice for the eye pillows anyway.

I am not a fan of hand sanitiser as it actually increases your risk of bacterial infection and the generation of super bugs, but I have opted to provide it at the studio at this time should you choose to use it. I have only been able to get a small bottle so please use spearingly. If anyone has extra at home and would like to donate it to the studio it would be much apporicated.

Please use best practice as advised by the world health organisation, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after class, avoid touching your face and please stay home if you feel you may have come in contact with the virus or exhibit and flu like symptoms.

We are exploring all avenues available to keep classes going during this time.

Together as a community we can help stop the spread.
Many Thanks and wishing you all the best.

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