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Wednesday Workshop: Introduction To Kirtan Skills with KirtanaRama

WHEN: Wed 12 June – 7:45 to 9:45pm – COST: $20.00

Kirtan is people coming together, sitting in a circle and singing ‘call and response style’ in Sanskrit. The kirtanist leads the song while the other participants respond by repeating the words and the melody. To help with the Sanskrit, printed lyrics are displayed for easy reference.

This event will include:

  • a talk on kirtan – its origins and use in Bhakti Yoga;
  • vocal warm-up exercises;
  • rhythm coaching;
  • the energetics and dynamics of kirtan;
  • and an option for each participant to lead part of a kirtan.
  • Plus, lots of blissful music to bask in and uplift.


At KirtanaRama events, the role of the kirtanist is usually passed from one band member to the next – everyone gets to contribute equally. Unlike a lot of Western music where there’s a clear distinction between the performers and the audience, kirtan is completely interactive. All people present, including the kirtanists and the responders, are invited to contribute with their physical presence, their voice, and simple hand percussion instruments. Spontaneous dancing is also encouraged and supported.

With it’s roots in Indian spiritualism, Kirtan was developed as a way to take spiritual practice out of the temples and make it accessible to the masses, through music and song. It’s a non-denominational spiritual practice with an expressive element; a way to sing from the heart and let it be heard, in a safe and supportive environment.

The uplifting and transformative nature of Kirtan, and its inclusive and engaging presentation, mean anyone can take part and benefit from the experience. 

About KirtanaRama

KirtanaRama grew out of Canberra’s vibrant and diverse Community Kirtan scene. The members, who all met at regular local Kirtan gatherings, combined their talents in an initiative to introduce Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga to the wider Canberra community. KirtanaRama consists of three core members: Indra, Sajhu and Gregory and they welcome local kirtanists to accompany them at their events. At this event KirtanaRama’s sound will be greatly enhanced by Cassie and Nitya on guitar, vocals, bansuri flute and various other traditional instruments.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to take part in this special opportunity, to learn about the elements of kirtan and to broaden your own understanding of this time-proven method of spiritual development.


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‘Arc of Ascent’ Kirtan Weekend with David Stringer 4-5 November 2017

Arc of Ascent Kirtan Weekend with David Stringer 4-5 November 2017

As part of his Australian tour, renowned international artist Dave Stringer and band together with special guest Dearbhla Kelly can coming to SOULution Yoga in Braddon. There are four sessions.

SESSION 1: Kirtan Concert with Dave Stringer. Saturday 4 Nov 7-9pm

SESSION 2: The Roar of Joy Yoga Class. Dynamic asana (yoga class) with Dearbhla Kelly, practised to live music with Dave Stringer & Band. Sunday 5 Nov 10-11:30am

SESSION 3: Workshop. “Mantras and Molecules” with Dave Stringer & Dearbhla Kelly. Sunday 5 Nov 12:30-3:30pm

SESSION 4: Kirtan Concert with Dave Stringer – Radiance Sutra Jam. Sunday 5 Nov 6:30-8:30pm

Please note: this event was to be held at Canberra Yoga Space, however due to the volume of attendees for this event, it was necessary to move it to a larger venue at SOULution Yoga studio in Braddon.

When: Saturday 4-5 November 2017
Where: SOULution Yoga, 68 & 69/30 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612

Arc of Ascent Kirtan Weekend with David Stringer 4-5 November 2017


Dave Stringer is a Grammy-nominated producer, singer, composer and innovative modern Kirtan artist, profiled in publications all over the world. Stringer’s sound connects the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American Gospel and the ringing harmonies of Appalachia.

Initially trained as a visual artist, filmmaker and jazz musician, Stringer’s focus shifted significantly after video editing work brought him to an ashram in India in 1990. It has also been informed by a subsequent period of service teaching meditation to prison inmates, and expanded by his interest and research in neuroscience.

An articulate and engaging public speaker, Stringer probes the dilemmas of the spirit with a wry and unorthodox sense of humor. His work intends to create a modern and participatory theatrical experience out of the venerable traditions of kirtan and yoga, open to a multiplicity of interpretations, and accessible to all.


Born and raised in Ireland, Dearbhla Kelly is a Los Angeles-based writer and yoga teacher. She began her academic training in Amsterdam and received degrees in philosophy in Dublin and Chicago. She is particularly skillful at marrying the more esoteric teachings of yoga with modern scientific insights and the practicalities of everyday life. Dearbhla teaches yoga, philosophy and neuroscience workshops in the USA, Europe and Australia.

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Dave Stringer @ Griffith Neighbourhood Centre Sunday 15 November 2015

Dave Stringer - Griffith Community Centre Sunday 15 November 2015
Join Dave Stringer, one of the most innovative artists of the kirtan movement, for a night of great music on Sunday 15 November 2015. He will be playing a mixture of call-and-response kirtan plus songs from his recent album “Elixir”, and his intimate new album “The Satellite Sky”. This is an event not to be missed.

When: Sunday 15 November from 7pm to 9:30pm.
Where: Griffith Neighbourhood Centre, Griffith ACT
Cost: $37.50


Click here to book your tickets.

For more about Dave Stringer visit


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