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Sue McShane – Yoga Lunchtime Revolution AMBASSADOR

Yoga Lunchtime Revolution - Sue McShane with her family at Colour Run 2013I love life. Which is not to say life doesn’t get me down or annoy me at times, but for the most part I love life. And I love exercise. It keeps me balanced, perhaps that’s why so late in my life I’ve changed careers to become a PT and yoga instructor? Yoga, running (not fast, more like a hobble and a limp!), and my beloved standup paddle boarding are my favourites. They are my time, just for me, to keep me grounded to keep me present, to allow me to be more for others.

I love my family and we try to hang out together and do things together. The kids are teenagers, so this is no small feat! The colour run last year was an awesome thing to do together. We all loved it, what an amazing experience, I’d recommend it to anyone. And stand up paddle-boarding well that is the bomb! Not so much in winter, but summer, oh man I love it. Such a great form of exercise too, working our muscle slings, legs and arms, and of course balance. Don’t know that I’d be quite as balanced on my board without yoga! And the thought of falling in Lake Burley Griffin… YUK!

My other passion is traveling, with family or friends, I don’t mind which, just let me travel! Preferably somewhere warm, but New York in the winter is pretty awesome even with the cold.

On Lunchtime Revolution…

Americans have embraced yoga, and there are yoga studios everywhere in New York, in fact all over the USA and Canada. People yoga in their lunch breaks, before work, after work, during work. They have embraced the benefits and make time for it. So the question is, why haven’t we in Australia? Do we see yoga as something only hippies do, or do we not see ourselves as a priority?

Yoga is great for you in so many ways. The physicality of it through the poses allows us to strengthen our muscles without impact on our joints, which often times can help rehabilitate, it gives us more flexibility and increases our cardiovascular capacity (who knew you didn’t have to huff and puff through a run or a high impact aerobics class to do this).

But it’s more than just the physical and I’m not going all hippie on you. It is about taking the time in your practice just for you. To stop, to surrender, to let go of everything in the outside world and just be for that hour. We can all benefit from that surely? Especially during our lunchtime. Take a break, just for you and return to work or the kids refreshed, or rush somewhere to buy lunch or pay bills, or scoff lunch at our desk? Not really a choice is it?

See you on the mat!

Sue McShane

View Sue’s class schedule here.

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Yoga Lunchtime Revolution – Starts MONDAY 1 SEPT

Yoga Lunchtime Revolution - Start MONDAY 1 SEPT

SPRING has arrived!  Let us help you come out of winter hibernation and shake off the bugs.  Give your system a fresh surge of energy.

Do you eat lunch at your desk?

Do you think you could use this time a lot better for yourself?

Do you want to energise, de-stress and feel good?

We challenge you to get out of the office, and treat yourself to an hour of 100% quality time.
If you are working in the Phillip or Woden area, grab YOGA for LUNCH at our studio. Sign up to classes through our timetable.

The challenge starts Monday 1 September, and ends Friday 26 September 2014.

Running for FOUR weeks, here’s how it works:

1. The student who attends the most number of lunchtime classes by Friday 26 September wins a 1-Month UNLIMITED Class Pass.

2. Log your name each time you attend class on the LUNCHTIME REVOLUTION LOGBOOK at the studio.

3. Just turn up – no need to pre-register.

The winner will be announced in our newsletter on Tuesday 30 September 2014.

Our Lunchtime Revolution Ambassadors are ready and waiting to support you.

Don’t procrastinate any longer.  Yoga offers long-term benefits for your body, mind and soul.  Spring yourself into gear this Monday!


The Team at Canberra Yoga Space

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