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January 2020 Newsletter

What an incredible start to 2020. I would love to say Happy New Year but the start of 2020 has come with an unusual feeling and distress for us all. As the clock turned I could not help but think of the devastation going on up and down our coastline and all the lives being effected. These fires have swept though killing thousands of animals, displacing people and families, destroyed homes and sadly have claimed some lives. All so senseless and heartbreaking. To be honest I am at a loss for what to say and do about it all.

We focus so much on breathing in our yoga and meditation practice, but breathing now comes at a cost. The air has been oppressive, deep breaths disgusting and filled with grey haze. It feels as if we will never see a clear sky again. The energy is apocalyptic and desperate. But we must still move forward and be mindful of this time, perhaps with a new appreciation of the breath and the nature of air. Normally clear and fine, there but not needing to see it. These times will pass and we will breath freely again.

No doubt we have all been praying for rain, for an end to the spread. It will come in time and it will bring relief. But what these fires have sparked is a deep sense of community. There has been a collective gathering both practical and in spirit. Fire transforms, perhaps the fruits of this transformation will come as the dust and ash settle. But I cannot help but feel that transformation has come to the Australian spirit and the extreme kindness that we have shown to one another.

I do hope that despite the inferno you had a lovely Christmas and holiday season, shared with those you care for.

On a lighter note, there is still lots happening at the studio and many things to celebrate and get excited about.

Xmas Holiday timetable

Our holiday timetable has been going well. Classes have been very full, so please make sure you book your place. If you are having trouble booking in it could be that the class is full. We fit 30 at a squeeze so please be mindful when setting up your mat to share the space and use the floor markings as a guide.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is underway and is a wonderful space for growth and development of teachers. We are so lucky to be able to host Sarah each year and then share her wonderful insights through our teaching during the year.

Regular Classes Resume

Our normal timetable will be back from the 20th from January with the first round of the Beginners Course also kicking off that day so if you have not yet booked your place, please do so here as the course is filling up fast. The Wednesday and Thursday evening classes are almost full.

Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Sound Bath

I am super excited to share my love of sound on Saturday 11th with the Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Sound Bath. Sound is a most ancient method of healing and transforming the body on a cellular level as the sound waves move through the whole body and create balance and harmony. This session will be a journey through the 7 Main chakras and is designed to give deep relaxation and meditation, providing space and the right environment for healing and renewal on many levels. We will take some time to connect with our breath, nurture our diaphragm and then settle in to be taken on a journey of sound. There are only 2 spots left, so please book your place today.

The Art of Rest

Katie is giving us another taste of her wonderful teaching with The Art of Rest on the 16th February. She is returning from another stay and training in India and no doubt we will benefit from her time there. Spaces are limited and we are more than ½ way reserved, so please book your place here. 

Finally, I am very excited for the year ahead and have some wonderful plans to grow our space and community, stay tuned as things unfold.

Wishing you all the best.

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December 2019 Newsletter

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season and 2020

Well, its Xmas time and the year has flown by. Blink and you miss it. It is at this time of year that we often look back with reflection. We contemplate how we have behaved, the things we have achieved, the things we didn’t quite get to, our gains, our losses and everything in-between. Perhaps we look back to our yoga practice in this way as well. Did we progress, did we stay the same, did we need to pull back? How is our body? Did we honour how it felt or push through discomfort to find either detriment or gain? So many questions.
These questions lead me to wonder how much do I push. If I am the kind of person who always needs to go fast and hard, perhaps it’s time to try to go slow so I can truly listen in to the quite spaces. And if I am the kind of person who always goes slow, or takes the most gentle option, maybe it’s time to press myself a little bit and move a bit faster or try a practice that’s a bit stronger. Or if I have done the Beginners Course several times I might try an open class or 2. Maybe I just need to place my mat in a different spot in the room and that is challenge enough.
We are creatures of habit, it is part of human nature to slide into the familiar and learned behaviour, it’s the subconscious controlling the ship. But the conscious mind is far more powerful when given the chance to act. Can we make conscious choices that help us break the habits and the patterns? So much of what we do in our yoga practice is to dwell in the conscious mind to make conscious choice in breath and movement, but when we always practice the same way, choose the same classes, the same spot in the room and only push ourselves so far, we are actually slipping into that halfway space between conscious and subconscious and likely just moving through the practice in an unconscious way. 
Don’t get me wrong, sameness and familiarity are great anchors, if you have been to my class a few times you will know I say the same thing at the start and end of each class, this creates a container and space of anchoring from which to then safely challenge ourselfs. All I am trying to say is that perhaps in this time of reflect you might see where you might make small changes to open the conscious mind to possibility and growth. 

Lost Property

There is quite a lot of lost property at the studio. If you are missing a drink bottle, it may well be sitting in our locker room. Please have a look next time you are in and collect you missing bottle. There are also a few clothing items there; a grey Nike hoody and a hot pink polar fleece. They miss you, please collect them. All remaining lost property will be removed on Friday 20th December at 7:45 after meditation. 

Xmas Holidays timetable

The Xmas Holiday timetable starts on the 27th December. Please note the studio is closed from the 23rd – 26thDecember, as well as New Years Day.
The holiday timetable is online and available to book into classes. You can pause your direct debit and purchase the $75 unlimited pass if you intend to attend more classes than normal or you can continue to use your current credit system. The unlimited pass is a great way for beginners to continue with practice over the break. Our wonderful teachers can surely look after you. You can purchase your pass here. 
Please note it is likely only the Botany Street door will be open over the break. If you can not get in via the Altree Court door please walk around to the other door at the base of our stairwell and enter here.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

From 5th – 10th January we are hosting Sarah Owen for the third year in a row for Yin Yoga Teacher Training. It is a joy and an honour to be able to host Sarah for this wonderful training. If you are loving your Yin practice you may want to journey deeper into you knowledge and understanding of the practice by attending this training. You don’t need to be a teacher to attend. Yin practice is a wonderful way of opening the body, restoring and lengthening connective tissue and creating energetic change along meridians. There are still a few spots left so if you would like to attend click this link. 

Meditation is free

I have decided to make our Friday evening meditation class a FREE session. We have lovely group of people coming along to enjoy exploring meditation each week and I wanted to make this even better by making it totally free. So if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night at 6:30 – 7:45pm then feel free to come along and enjoy the crystal bowls and some quite collective space to explore the nature of mind. 

Thai Massage @CYS

Thai Yoga Massage will be available next year at Canberra Yoga Space. TL, Elena and myself are all trained to nurture and restore you through this amazing massage. The effects of Thai massage are felt days after the massage has been had, leaving you feeling very relaxed and nurtured. Spots are limited with only a few gaps in our busy timetable. If you are interested please email me at

Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Bath

Come and join me for an evening of sound and vibration to balance the Chakras and relax body and mind.The use of sound as a healing modality goes back to ancient times. The vibration of sound waves through the body can balance and restore harmony to all the cells of the body. Crystal bowls create a strong vibration and each bowl is tuned to a specific note associated with each chakra. When played they balance the charka, leaving you feeling clam, relaxed and revitalised. This will be a wonderful evening to help bring in the new year with positive energy and balance. Places are limited.
Saturday 11th January, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Cost: $20 To book your place click this link

The Art of Rest

If you missed out on Myth, Meditation and Relaxation then do not despair, Katie is presenting another wonderful offering with The Art of Rest. This 2.5hour workshop is set be another magical experience of introspection and bliss. For more details and to book your place click this link. Katie’s workshops sell out very quickly so book you place early, it might just be the perfect Xmas gift for someone too.

Book your place here. 

Finally I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic year and to wish you a healthy, happy and joyous festive season and 2020. Our community has grown strong and I look forward to another wonderful year with you. 

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