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Join Niki De Domenico this afternoon at 2:45pm


Join Niki De Domenico for her first yoga class at CYS. She is teaching a flowing vinyasa hatha class from 2:45-3:45pm. If you are looking for an active-flowing yoga class that works on the whole body-mind-breath system, then sign up today through our timetable.


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Opening to Wonder: Dynamic Yoga Immersion Workshop with Mark O’Brien

Opening to Wonder - Dynamic Yoga Immersion with Mark O’Brien 21-22 May 2016

Ignite your creativity and curiosity on your true spiritual path. Suitable for teachers and students.

Opening to Wonder: Dynamic Yoga Immersion Workshops with Mark O’BrienWhen: Saturday 21 May and Sunday 22 May 2016.
Where: Canberra Yoga Space, Level 1 / 13 Botany Street, Phillip ACT 2606.
Cost: $120 for all three sessions or $45 per sessions.

Session 1: Full Monty Vinyasa Flow for Autumn – Saturday 21 May 1:30-3:30pm
This grounding Autumnal yoga practice will integrate many wider aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda with a gentle but intense Vinyasa flow, seasonal pranayama and visualisation to leave you balanced, calm and alive. Expect creative sequences, low, slow, rhythmic movements and to be challenged in unexpected ways to discipline and calm your mind! Mark’s teaching is lively, sometimes irreverent, carefully sequenced and suited to any level of ability and experience.

Session 2: Opening to Wonder… Embrace the not-knowing – Sunday 9:30am-12noon
When we understand that there are things that we do not understand, it makes life beautiful and exciting, full of wonders to explore, full of opportunity for new understanding and personal growth. Wonder comes at the beginning of the spiritual journey; the journey to find real truth and solve the mystery of life. If yet another sun salute makes you feel like it’s “Groundhog Day” this session will show you simple ways to awaken your enthusiasm and curiosity as a core value on your spiritual path. Expect Asana, Breathing practices, relaxation and a good dose of fun.

Session 3: The art of Yoga sequencing for truly compelling classes – Sunday 1-3:30pm
This workshop will teach you to develop safe, effective, creative classes for all levels of student, and help you integrate broader Yoga principles and insights beyond functional asana… and it will save you masses of time planning brilliant classes! Suitable for teachers and students. You’ll leave with a kit bag of useful principles to adapt to any class situation and some tried and tested class plans. This is an interactive workshop including lecture, small group experiments and some yoga practice.

“Thank you for a great sequencing workshop, it has made me feel like I am on the right path with my class sequencing and also given me loads of inspiration for further training in teaching and learning advanced postures” – Ingrid

Mark O'brien - Qi Health and Yoga Manly SydneyAbout Mark O’Brien
Mark is the founder of Qi Health & Yoga in Manly and has practiced Yoga for 23 years with well over 10,000 teaching hours under his belt. He holds Senior/Level 3 membership of Yoga Australia and has led the prestigious Teacher Training diploma at Qi for 12 years.

His teaching is lively and often irreverent using a gentle but intense Vinyasa style laced with practical insights and philosophical ideas to lead the body and mind to receive the profound benefits of yoga.

Mark’s classes use self-inquiry (swadhyaya) to inspire your curiosity to explore how to be truly happy through an organic, playful, grounded and mindful approach using all the tools of yoga, not just postures. He regularly leads training and retreats around Australia and overseas.

Opening to Wonder: Dynamic Yoga Immersion Workshops with Mark O’Brien

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Timetable update – Ramone Bisset teaching Thursday 19/11 @ 12noon

Timetable update - Ramone Bisset teaching Thursday 19/11 at 12noon
Fresh from her Nepal trip, Ramone Bisset is covering Muriel’s Thursday 12noon Vinyasa Hatha class on 19 November 2015. Join her for an energetic yoga class suitable for beginners to experienced yogis.

Check out our timetable for more information.

Ramone is also running a yoga retreat at Kangaroo Valley – Yogi Spring Clean Kangaroo Valley! – next weekend 27-29 November. Click here for more information.

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Studio Timetable Update – Weekend of 24-25 October 2015

This weekend we are hosting a series of workshops with Simon Borg-Olivier from Yoga Synergy (which are sold out). Due to these workshops, two of our regular classes are cancelled this weekend only:

SATURDAY 24 OCTOBER 2:45pm – Michelle Norris’ Vinyasa Hatha Class has been CANCELLED
SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER 4:30pm – Liz Allen’s Restorative Yoga Class has been CANCELLED

All of our other classes (including courses) are running as per our timetable (usual time). Please see our timetable for more information.

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Studio Timetable Update – Canberra Long Weekends


Hi Everyone! With the two consecutive long weekends, kindly note that classes are on as per our timetable except for the following:

SUNDAY 27 SEPTEMBER – Restorative Class has been CANCELLED in lieu of COMMUNITY YOGA DAY

What classes are on over the next two long weekends?

Come to Pippa’s beautiful Saturday morning Vinyasa Classes (Yoga Synergy Style) at 8:30am.  Or if you’re an afternoon person, you enjoy the zen atmosphere and holistic bliss offered by Michelle Norris (a fluid moving Vinyasa Hatha class). Both classes are appropriate for beginners to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners.  Sign up through our timetable.

This Sunday, 27 September we have our SPRING EQUINOX YOGA COMMUNITY DAY from 1:30-3:30PM.  Sign up here.

The studio is open as per usual from Tuesday 29 September to Saturday 4 October.
Business as usual from Tuesday 6 October.

See you on the mat, and wishing you an enjoy long weekend!


The Team @ Canberra Yoga Space

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NEW Saturday afternoon Vinyasa Hatha Class starts this weekend 8 August

NEW Saturday afternoon Vinyasa Hatha Class start this weekend 8 August

In response to your feedback, we are pleased to announce a new addition to our weekend timetable.

Commencing this Saturday 8 August, Michelle Norris will be teaching a one-hour Vinyasa Hatha class from 2:45-3:45pm.

Sign-up through our timetable here.

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Yoga for Teens – 5 week course with Suzanna Thell

Teens Yoga Teacher - Suzanna ThellJoin experienced DRU yoga teacher Suzanna Thell for a 5-week Yoga for Teens, running from Wednesday 30 April to 28 May.

The yoga for teens class is aimed at kids in high school and college. It offers ways to exercise and energise; develop flexibility and creativity; increase concentration and self-confidence; and experience inner stillness.

It also offers skills to help build resilience and techniques to de-stress. Students will feel empowered not only to face challenges but to dream big, as they discover they have all they need within to be the best they can be.

These yoga classes aim to:

* build strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility
* improve postural alignment
* use breathing techniques for stress management
* increase concentration and mindful awareness
* build self confidence & resilience
* encourage deep relaxation & inner stillness

There will be 2 courses per term with terms running as per ACT school terms.

The cost is $82.50 for 5 sessions. Sign up by 21 April and get 10% off.

Enrol here.

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