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What is Iyengar Yoga? How can you access the benefits?

Iyengar Yoga 6-Week Course

In the first quarter of 2017, we were delighted to welcomed a new teacher to the studio – Jacqui Simmonds. Jacqui is a Certified Level 1 and 2 Iyengar yoga instructor – a style of yoga which I love, and one which can really assist your wider practice.

Here at CYS, we are predominantly vinyasa (flow) focused. I have been looking for a permanent lyengar teacher to join us for quite a while now, as I know from personal experience how beneficial this style of yoga can be. And now, thanks to Jacqui, we are able to offer Iyengar as part of our weekly timetable.

What is Iyengar yoga?

To those unfamiliar with it, Iyengar is a form of Hatha Yoga named after and developed by B.K.S Iyengar – a yoga spiritualist and guru, considered one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. Based on the traditional eight limbs of yoga and the teachings of Patanjalis’ classical Yoga Sutra, Iyengar emphasises postural detail, precision and alignment.

Unlike other Hatha styles which take a more experiential approach to the asanas, encouraging you to follow the teacher and find your way into your comfortable seat, Iyengar by contrast is much more focused on getting the physical alignment right for your body — with any errors or misalignments actively corrected.

Another feature of Iyengar is that the poses are typically held for longer. Instead of moving swiftly from one to the next as you would in vinyasa, Iyengar requires you to maintain a pose long enough to understand and refine it. In addition, props such as belts, blocks and blankets are used to assist with enhancing alignment, customising to your anatomy, and minimising injury and strain.

My experience with Iyengar

In my first five years of being introduced to and training regularly in yoga, I practiced five days a week. Monday and Wednesday was dynamic Vinyasa Hatha, Tuesday and Thursday was Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, and Friday was Iyengar yoga.

I loved the vibrant flow of Vinyasa Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, but what really solidified the stability in my practice, refined my alignment and opened my body to its full extension was Iyengar. It also prepared and gave me the strength and confidence to move into inversions such as head stands, fore-arm balance, and shoulder stands. I didn’t feel rushed, and my body felt prepared getting into the pose.

Overall what I discovered was that when practiced together, vinyasa and Iyengar can be extremely complementary. After doing an Iyengar class, you will feel the new magnified capacity in your physical body at your next Vinyasa class.

Vinyasa happens at a certain pace and is great for meditative practice, but there is very little time for refining alignment. Iyengar, by contrast, gives you time to work on your poses, and therefore enables you to progress faster in vinyasa.

Weekly Iyengar classes

If you’re keen to explore the wonderful balance and support offered by Iyengar and to experience for yourself how it can complement vinyasa and other styles of practice, I encourage you to branch out and practise with Jacqui through these two avenues:

DROP-IN IYENGAR CLASS – Fridays 6:15-7:30AM – open to all. Sign up through the timetable here.

COURSE – Iyengar Yoga 6-Week Course; starts Wednesday 27 September from 7:45-9PM. Click here to read more and ENROL. Places limited.

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New Course: Mums-N-Bubs Yoga – 10 Week Course

Mums and Bubs yoga postnatal

This 10-week course runs alongside the school term, and has been designed with the intention of providing a supportive, friendly and nurturing environment for mothers and their babies.

Classes have been designed by Monica Anderson and Eli Haski, and taught by Eli Haski. Both Monica and Eli are certified Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructors.

This is open to mums and babies from 6 weeks old (natural birth), or from 12 weeks (c-section), to crawling.

Enjoy an hour of postnatal yoga for yourself, while taking the opportunity to bond with your baby through song and baby yoga, which is ideal for developing your babies’ sensory development at this early stage. Practise ends with relaxation for you and your baby, followed by half an hour of circle time to share the joys and challenges of mothering.

The yoga poses/ practise (asana) will help you to –

  • Relieve tension and stress.
  • Calm and refresh your mind.
  • Release joints, tight shoulders and lower back.
  • Provide breath and meditation techniques to support your sleep, and help calm your mind and body.
  • Start gently toning your abdominal muscles.
  • Start gently toning your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Support your muscle recovery post birth.
  • Open the shoulders and restore the spine back to its pre-pregnancy length and shape.

This is a nurturing space –

  • Each mother’s unique way of parenting / mothering is honoured and respected.
  • No one specific way or method of parenting is promoted.
  • This is a great way to meet other mums and make new friends.
  • Women are invited to share their experiences in a confidential and safe environment where they are completely accepted and supported.

Please also note:

  1. We are located on level 1 (upstairs), so unfortunately pram access is not available. There is a little bit of space under the stairs on the ground floor if you do need to leave your pram somewhere prior to class. Please ensure that your prams are parked all the way in underneath the stairs, and are not blocking access to the building and other building tenants/ users.
  2. You can bring your baby in a baby capsule or sling
  3. You are welcome to bring bub’s playmat if that helps them settle
  4. Water for yourself, and anything you need to nurse bub. There are two little kitchens located down the hallway on the same floor, as well as toilets.
  5. There are two change mats available for you to use in the studio. Kindly take any soiled nappies away with you.

PRICE: $165 for 10 sessions.
TIME: Wednesday, 10am-11:30am.
VENUE: Canberra Yoga Space, Level 1, 6/13 Botany Street, Phillip, Woden.

Note: You can join this course after the first week of term has started. You will be enrolling for the remainder of the term, and the cost is $20 x the number of session remaining for that term.

Enrol Mums & Bubs Yoga Course

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Enrolment NOW OPEN for Term 2 – Receive a $20 Yoga Pass


We are pleased to announce that our courses for Term 2, 2015 are now open.

Enrol on or before Friday 17 April and receive a $20 complimentary yoga pass – you can use it for any of our drop-in yoga classes. You will automatically receive your complimentary pass within 5 days of enrolling.

Click on any of the links below for more information or to enrol.

→ Yoga for Beginners Course – 10 week courses

→ Prenatal Yoga Course – 10 week courses

→ Postnatal Yoga Course – 10 week courses

→ Meditation Courses – 10 week courses

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New Timetable from Sunday 12 October

New Timetable from Sunday 12 OctoberWe are excited to announce our new timetable for class and courses effective from Sunday 12 October.

Click here to download our new timetable as a printable PDF file.

As always, we recommend that you check our online timetable for any changes before attending a class.

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Enrolment Open Term 2 Courses : 10% EARLY BIRD Discount

Avail of our early bird offer for our Term 2 courses. Term 2 begins Monday 28 April. Enrol by Monday 21 April and get a 10% discount. To get your discount, use the promo code “Earlybird” when you register for the course.

We offer a wide range of yoga courses including:
* Yoga for Beginners – 10 Week Intro Course with Jen Brown
* Toddlers and Preschoolers Yoga – 10 Week Course (Parent and child) with Suzanna Thell
* Yoga for Primary School Kids – 10 Week Course with Suzanna Thell
* Prenatal Yoga – 10 Week Course with Monica Anderson

If you have any questions, please use our contact form to send us an email.



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