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Home » Yoga Courses » 6 week Beginners’ Yoga Course Information

6 week Beginners' Yoga Course Information

This page is for participants ALREADY ENROLLED in the current 6-week beginners course. If you are THINKING OF ENROLLING in the 6-week Unlimited Beginners Course for the first time, click here to enrol.

For students currently enrolled in the course, this page here provides you with -

  • The current (ongoing) 6-week Course Class Schedule, allowing you to book, wait-list, and log into your account to cancel class bookings
  • The Course Overview
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Course class schedule | Course overview | Frequently Asked Questions

Course Class Schedule

Go to this page to book your preferred classes.

Course Overview

Class 1 - Introduction to Outcome and Learning Process

  • Fundamental Principles of Meditative Practise
  • Breath Awareness and Releasing the Body’s Tension (Mindful Practise Technique)
  • Introduction to Basic Sun Salutation
  • Introduction to Vinyasa
  • Introduction to the Natural Breath and Four-Part Breath

Class 2 - Standing Poses

  • Review Course Outcome and Learning Process
  • Yama and Niyama – Focus on Niyama (Primary Relationship with Self)
  • Introduction to the Koshas
  • Introduction to Sankalpa (Intention for Practise)
  • Introduction to Svadyaya
  • Introduction to a Grounding Practise
  • Introduction to Equipment Use

Class 3 - Backbends and Seated & Supine Twists

  • Exploring Ahimsa – Ahimsa and the Ego
  • Introduction to Ujjayi Breath
  • ASANA – Comfortable Seat
  • Yoga and Listening to Oneself
  • Yoga and Building a Responsive Practice
  • Styles of Yoga and Yoga History

Class 4 - Core Poses and Hip-Openers

  • Exploring Tapas – Ahimsa, the Ego, and Tapas
  • Exploring the Koshas through practice
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Review Ujjayi Breath
  • Review Equipment Use

Class 5 - Balance Poses and Forward Bends

  • Yoga and Self-Awareness
  • The Energy Body
  • Identifying Subconscious Habitual Tension
  • Depletion of Energy
  • The Over-stimulated Mind
  • Exploring “Being in the Present Moment”/ “Being with”/ “Being in the NOW”
  • Introduction to Pratyahara
  • Introduction to Balance – energetic balance through Nadi Shodana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • How Yoga Connects with your Wellbeing

Class 6 - Introduction to Inversions, Revisiting Twists, and Foundation to Meditation

  • Bringing it all together
  • Review the KOSHAS
  • Introduce Brahmari Pranayama
  • Bringing the Physical Practise together – Review and Flow
  • Nurturing the Soul: What juices up one’s soul?
  • Yoga and bringing out one’s pure potential
  • Inviting Compassion and Kindness towards One’s Self in practise
  • Yama and taking Yoga Off the Mat

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive

Classes start and finish on time. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to allow the Instructor time for registration. There is a lot to be covered in each class, hence "starting on time" means being on your mat with all your equipment ready to start (not walking through the door at the appointed time). Kindly note, to support practitioners and the teacher, we have a closed-door policy, ie the teacher locks the door 5 minutes past the start time.

For first time students, we recommend that you complete our New Student Registration Form before attending your first class. We also recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first class.

Mobile phone policy and personal belongings

Kindly switch off or set your mobile phone to silent before entering the space. Please leave your mobile and personal items inside the designated locker room located towards your left when you walk in the door. No personal items and shoes are allowed on the practise floor - this is to allow you and your fellow participants unobstructed use of space when you move.

Hydration and digestion

Hydrate yourself before and after class. It is not recommended to have a full meal directly prior to class.

What do I need to bring

1. Wear something light, comfortable and fitted (not baggy). Singlets, leggings and normal gym wear will suffice. What is important is for you to feel comfortable moving without clothing disrupting your practice.

2. Yoga practise is done barefoot. Kindly leave your socks and shoes in the locker area.

3. All mats and props are provided for at the studio. If you have sensitive knees (when kneeling, or on hands and knees), double up your mat. If you are particular about using your own yoga mat, bring your own mat.

Please note: We require that you wear appropriate clothing. You may be refused entry to any of our classes if you are not appropriately attired. For example, we do not allow transparent (see-through) leggings or pants, or bikinis.

Health information and history of injury

If you have any history of injury, illness, or anything about your health we should know about, PLEASE INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR BEFORE CLASS. Kindly note that yoga practise is not a substitute for therapy or medication, hence if you have any pre-existing condition, including pregnancy, injury, history of illness, surgery, or any other symptoms which may affect your health or the safety of your practise, please consult your GP or health care provider prior to commencing practise.

PRACTISE AT YOUR OWN PACE. You can come down to downward facing dog pose or active child's pose (two alternative resting postures), at any time.

Every asana (posture) also has a simpler variation. Speak to the instructor after class, if you needed an easier variation in class. It is important for us to know our classes support your needs.

Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $22

Get Unlimited 14-Day Yoga Pass for only $22

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Give a gift certificate - Perfect Xmas or birthday present!

What people are saying about Canberra Yoga Space…

"I just want to pass on what a fantastic teacher Elena has been and I believe it is through her class that I have made the greatest gains in terms of understanding about muscular relationships. Her focus on rehab is niche and very important. My own practice has never been easier nor has it ever made such a difference in terms of overall flexibility. My thanks to Elena for a truly great Yoga Therapy class." - Alice, May 2019